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Still, Drake’s response to Meek’s claim that Drake didn’t write his own raps seems a little overdone. Meek really isn’t in Drake’s league so the sneer seems a little stuck on Drake’s face, like his smiling but very very stiffly, not at all amused, you know. Why so glum, kid? You know the first rule of fight club, never punch down, why are you punching down??

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Nightmare Seeker (The Little Red House) – Lamb Of God – This close the album just about exactly where it begun except you are there, love the drums, they have a 50s rock and roll, roll em up to them, and the rest of the song sounds a whole lot like the first one… though that goes without saying, right? – B

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The track is an electronic ride through geology with a female whisper… it could be a dance number performed at festivals — although it is quite smooth and dreamy and too abstract to be totally dance oriented — but the DJ had another idea. He teamed up with Christopher Thockler for ‘Solid Gold’ a video featuring 60 rocks from 15 different countries around the world.

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So, about this lion deal. Here are a coupla thoughts. I agree with the vegans that an omnivore has some nerve taking the moral umbrage when it comes to mass murderer the dentist -the lion may look worse but many many many many more animals are slaughtered to feed us. However, that notwithstanding, surely any animal rights activism is better than none if you care so much about animals? Who do the morally outraged vegans think they are helping? I mean, besides their smug love of self, of course?

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Rescue Me – Amy Helm – Rock royalty, Amy is Levon Helm’s daughter, and opening for Dr. John at SummerStage on Saturday AND, a new album just released, plus this is a fine and soulful piece of country rock aka Americana – B+

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He may be a New York transplant, but his great sensibility fits very well with Los Angeles landscapes. With songs such as ‘Encino’, ‘Miracle Mile’, his work is obviously imbued with the city of angels, that he described in an interview as ‘a garden surrounded by mountains on one side and ocean on the other’… ‘a mind-numbing, flat suburban wasteland where the weather never changes and time stands still’.

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The Heart Is A Bomb – Samuel Claiborne – With Bill Laswell producing , the beats are a drummy pulse like a trip hopnightmare and Samuel has a gritty spoken word edge to it, like he is escaping from New York or something… then there is the guitar solo of course – B+

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The weather: For the first time in over two years, nyc is expecting day after day of sweltering 90 degrees plus steaming liquidy humidity and the world is turning on its air conditioning and awaiting for the inevitable brown outs so Con Edison can up their already the highest in the country (and therefore the world) rates.

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If there’s a Mount Rushmore of rock ’n’ roll, Keith’s face is surely on it. He has always represented the soul of rock music — for all of the light and dark shades that implies. To my relief, Keith Richards turned out to be a real man — full of humor, knowledge and wisdom. That’s the real Keith we’ve worked to capture in our film and I’m honored to bring it to a global audience via Netflix.’

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Not unlike Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, U2 and the Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello is a white rock and roll superstar who has lost the knack and can only very occasionally write a killer song. Of course, occasionally isn’t never, and since I have a working knowledge of, well, everything he has ever written, I thought I’d try and find some of the better tracks you may have missed. In order of release (more or less). I passed on the opera and I passed on great great covers album called For The Stars.

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herbalpert 003a

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This painting was done on black canvas and the portrait was done in oil. I am slowly learning to blend the oils into a tri-color sheen that give the skin a more living, colorful feel. I sorta went with a 60’s or 70’s style font that recalled the colors on “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”…but who was looking at the colors on that LP?

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Try Me – Dej Loaf – Her first hit, and it is really great: some of that Drake darkness, but from a woman, and a really great drum shuffle powering the song. This isn’t one of her great lyrics (if you head the EP, she can really write), but it is sure good enough) – A-

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People have gone overboard with song interpretations and I will start with the worst example of all, Charles Manson. The infamous rockstar wannabe was convinced that the Beatles’ White Album was as prophetic as the Bible, he would often quote ‘The Beatles and the Bible’ and considered the fab four as the ‘four angels’ as in Revelation 9

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“AI technology has reached a point where the deployment of [autonomous weapons] is – practically if not legally – feasible within years, not decades, and the stakes are high: autonomous weapons have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.” That’s Stephen Hawking discussing wars without people. The thing is, if no soldiers lives are at stake, the decision to fight a war will be that much easier. Fine, except, the casualties will remain human. It is a reversal of the way wars used to be fought. In the past, armies would meet in the middle of nowhere and kill each other while civilians were safe, with autonomous weapons the opposite is true.

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I was listening to DS2 again and maybe I underestimated it, my problem with rap is the aggressive silliness of the sex drugs and money world has grown so old, bad lyrics throw me out of sound I really like: “flip flops I just had some bitches and I made ’em lip lock, I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out, We got purple Actavis, I thought it was a drought”

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Can I call em or what? I claimed the new Fetty Wap wouldn’t follow “Trap Queen” into the charts. Follow it? It blasted through from # 87 to # 7 in one week and I still can’t hear the hook. Where is it? Not the metronome or the handclaps or the “ands”? I guess the vocal, with its elongated syllables may be doing it.

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If you knew the dad I knew, you’d know his tender heart. He’d never want to hurt his fans, or family from the start.

If you knew my father,

you would know how hard he fought…

and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.

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