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R. City? Fair to middling brother songwriters, who’ve cooked up mid-album stuff for the likes of Miley, and top 10 hits for Sean Kingston and the Pussycat Dolls? I am not crazy about the “Do That To Me One More Time” rip, so just tip your hat to Dr. Luke signing up Adam Levine and walk on by.

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Around 20% of this is really good and 20% is complete crap and 60% is whatever. It has an ebb and flow, starts off strong, slows to a halt, picks up speed and bows out. Miley needed an editor, and she needed a producer, and instead she got a flaming enabler.

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Dooo It – Miley Cyrus – Still working my way through And Her Dead Petz, it deflates half way through, however this first single, a self help call to unbridled hedonism is unimpeachable – B+

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A beautiful evening with beautiful songs by a man at the peak of his powers at 67 years of age. Given all the ways James Taylor’s life might have gone, his brother Alex, sweet baby James pop, died of a drug overdose decades ago, that James could have lived through it all and reached this place better than ever? It is a testament

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On the cover of Sunday’s paper, they had a report Amber Jamieson go, ahem, undercover, and work as one of those topless painted women who pose for pictures on 42nd street and decided, accurately,that it was entirely harmless. Not only did the Post make the Mayor look like a putz, they made their nemesis the Daily News look like irrational, puritanical maniacs.

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LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30: Recording artist Taylor Swift poses with a Moonman award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

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Kanye West says he is running for President in 2020 during his never ending speech and Taylor won a ton of awards though nothing much compared to Michael Jackson’s heyday of course.Nothing as exciting from Miley as when I saw her tweaking. At least until the end when she announced you could get her free new album NOW.

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Sure, this is all over the damn place but that’s because there is no centrifugal force in pop, it is all on the fringes with pop EDM , country and hip hop vying for the charts and EDM winning by a hair. Later on I’ll figure favorites among the favorites but in pure pop for now people form? The Weeknd is unbeatable.

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Admittedly. I don’t much care for the Disturbed album but it is lengths better than that terrible Bryan album. Bryan is the sort of guy Bob Lefsetz points to as the future of popular music because he sells a lot of copies and channels Toto. Having said that, is it worth noting that after a 30 plus year old album and Taylor Swift, a country album is my fave of the week.

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The great neurologist and author Oliver Sacks died yesterday at the age of 82. You may remember him from “Awakenings”, which was made into the popular Robin Williams movie in 1990. Or “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”, stories of neurological disorders so strange and devastating, it made an atheist out of Sacks and for good reason: if your entirely personality can change due to a blow on the head, what exactly is your personality?

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Sheila Burgel - A vinyl record collector from Brooklyn, NY, specializes in girl pop groups. photographed at her home in Brooklyn for Dust & Grooves, a vinyl photo site. © Copyright - Eilon Paz -

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America is all about capitalism, materialism and owning stuff, nevertheless people are currently falling for streaming services? In a way, streaming is the equivalent of renting your music, you don’t own anything anymore, and you share it with everyone. Isn’t it weird America?

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I Don’t Like Who I Was Then – The Wonder Years – I’ve had problems with all three new songs but for some reason I’d had the volume kinda low and if you blast it, there is a moment of revelation when it becomes a great anthem of mesed up emotional smash grab – A-

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I walked out on the Sting-Simon gig in 2014, I walked out on The Police reunion gig at MSG in 2008, I walked out on a Sting solo gig in the 1990s and a big league Police gig in the 1980s, and I am sure I’d have walked out on them in the 1970s if I’d seen them

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Oddly enough, the week in songs doesn’t hold together as well as the week in records, my top three records goes Yo La Tengo, The Weeknd, and either Beal or Monk Parker, The Weeknd has so many strong SINGLES in it it could take over this list but a great single is not a great album. The dark alt country band Mnk Parker are a complete revelation.

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‘I’ve wanted to tell a story for a while regarding electronic music history and its legacy from my point of view and experience, from when I started to nowadays. So I planned to compose for and collaborate with an array of artists who are, directly or indirectly linked to this scene, with people I admire for their singular contribution to our genre, that represent a source of inspiration for me over the last four decades I have been making music, but who also have an instantly recognizable sound. At the outset, I had no idea how this project would evolve, but I was delighted that everybody I reached out to accepted my invitation.’

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This is one of the more interesting weeks of music, Iron Maiden, Public Image Ltd, Travi$ Scott, should all have something of value coming down. A little further in, Against Me! live album has sounded great so far, but it seems to me to be a toss up between happy punks Fidlar and voice of a generation punks The Wonder years. I am going with the Katter despite not being crazy about any of the songs I’ve heard because… well, because they’re the voice of a generation.

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We know Yo La Tengo, Foals and The Weeknd are at the top of the class, all three of which are improving the more I listen, but the real shocker is how much better the second ring of releases are: Motorhead, Liam Corcoran, Willis Earl Beal, and the ridiculously excellent Monk Parker, are all good enough to be albums of the week. Every single one will make my best of 2015.

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Under You – Willis Earl Beal – We all make mistakes and I make my biggest around 9am on Friday mornings after spending hour upon hour absorbing and reviewing new releases. I think my ears sometimes go wonky and that is definitely the case with this guy who I dubbed a “black Scott Walker” last night, which he is definitely, but then I decided this was a bad thing. How I came up with that assumption I can’t tell you, it isn’t, it is a wonderful thing – A-

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Red Bull was having one of its Sound Select show at the Echoplex, and it is always a cheap way to spend a night of music, while discovering 3 bands… so why not going? Because it is general held on a weekday,… but who cares, it’s almost the weekend anyway. The whole show was colorful and on the ethnic side, something always pleasant and prompt to remind you that summer is not over yet.

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I once had my fortune told, I was maybe 15 years old, not much of it was happy, and every thing she said came true. Of course, as CG Jung was mentioned, if 100 billion people have lived, the fact that one has dreams that come true isn’t foresight, it is blind luck.

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What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber – I never bought Bieber as the anti-Christ, just a garden variety teenage brat with a whole lotta power to wield his brattishness. But I never much cared for him musically either, so his post teens, post Diplo/Skrillex exercise in grown up EDM, this first single off his upcoming fourth album is an low key and pretty calypso flavored synth track that does the job. Good move – B

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