10 Songs, February 27th. 2014

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Great song

Great song

1. Waves – Sleeper Agent – The return of Bowling Green’s greatest export (take that Cage The Elephant) is an addictive indie pop slice of heaven, starting with California  washed away in waves and ending in a built to singalong “Do it? I think I would, know it? Won’t but I think I should”. This is a really good song – A

2. Regret – St. Vincent – About as average as she gets and the vocals remind you of why David Byrne likes her so much -she sounds like her – B

3.  Prodigal Son – Johnny Winters – Terrific Chicago blues yes, the voice? Not crazy about the voice – B+

4. Not A Bad Thing – Justin Timberlake – Best song on both albums finally released as a single – A

5. Redneck – Lamb Of God – Take the soundtrack in lieu of a greatest hits and place this sucker loud – A

6. Pretty Girls – Dierks Bentley – Classic indie pop vocal harmonie hooks at the end! – A-

7. Animales – Romeo Santos – What’s the point of a restrained Nicki Minaj? None whatsoever – C+

8. My Way Of Giving – Small Faces – Their first album just got the Luxe treatment – A

9. 7 Hour Drive – The Notwist – Best song off their newbie is fuzzy as they want to be – B+

10. Fuck LA – Schoolboy Q – Best song off Oxymoron (drug references abound)m this is the rap that will confirm his name, a spitting rave up – A

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