10 Songs: Monday, June 16th, 2014

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The Producers Keeping It... Well, you know

The Producers Keeping It… Well, you know

1. Keep It Gay – Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick – Uproariously funny celebration of all things camp and magical and, well, gray about the musical theater… stopped the show when I saw it on Broadway. Of course, so did everything else – B+

2. Remember Me – Diana Ross – All this does is ache ache ache – A+

3. Some Heavy Ocean – Emma Ruth Rundle – I cam imagine this being a drag on stage but on record it is haunting, fragmentary and ghostly – B+

4. Explode – Big Freedia – Release the wiggle – B+

5. Rattled By The Rush – Pavement – Their most moving moment, especially ytoday when the role of father and son may well have switched – A

6. Sometime In The Morning – Mickey Dolenz – His voice is both very very fragile and yet deep – A

7.  Teenage Wasteland – Wussy – Not only is it insane to name the song off a title so famously associated to another band, but Wussy is the worst band  name, like, ever, and this is a truly lush and gorgeous indie pop song, an instant classic – A

8. The Teeth Behind The Kisses – Ben Forster – Experimental strangeness but not unpretty – B

9. Congratulations – Cliff Richard – A huge hit for Cliff some 20 years into his career – B

10. Illume – Lust For Youth – This ain’t bad indie popper – B


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