10 Songs: Saturday, April 18th, 2015

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1 – Swimming Pools – Kendrick Lamar – His star making turn and may I just add that the chorus to this track is catchier than anything on Pimp/Butterfly, and his Twista with a hangover verses are a blast – A
2 – 1000 Deaths – D’Angelo – His show opener in 2015, and man is it a power punch, a sort of this is our god black man call to question – A-

3 – Giant Peach – Wolf Alice – The first of two new songs by Ellie Roswell, certainly a thinking alt rocker pin up if ever there was one, as a vibey hard rock sound here –the guitars are terrific. The song less so – B

4 – Bros – Wolf Alice – This is more like it, indie pop meets alt UK meets girl group on the intro. Great song – A-

5 – Can’t Deny My Love – Brandon Flowers – This is a terrible dance track wanna be, kinda morphy-ish track like solo Brandon on Xanax – D

6 – Still Want You – Brandon Flowers “Crime is on the rise, still want you…” A greats entiment and an excellent song – A-

7 – Smuckers – Tyler, The Creator – Borderline hysteria – B+

8 – Everything I Am Is Yours – Villagers – Can somebody give this guy a kick? – C

9 – This Is Not A Party – The Wombats – This joke isn’t as funny as it should be, it isn’t bad, it is quite good. The problem is all these guys ever are is alright – B-

10 – Throw It Back – The-Dream – Damn, I overestimated this EP earlier this week. Still, this is an addictive neo-soul workout – B+


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