10 Songs: Thursday, November 12th, 2015

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1 – Ace Of Spades – Motorhead – With the great Phil Taylor dead, it is as good as any a reason to return to the scene of his greatest moments, a hammer and lethal amphetamine fueled head banger – A+

2 – Ain’t No Money – Rosanne Cash – First track off her sophomore album is impossibly young and romantic with hus Rodney managing a sound that brings out her unspoiled appreciation of pure form – A

3 – Chewing Gum – Elvis Costello – The beloved entertainer on a rare peak from a naff album – B+

4 – Angel – The Weeknd – A highlight, but not the only highlight, from last nights show. The sound of 20,000 people singing “I hope you find somebody…” was almost worth the price of admission – A

5 – Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Live – The Rolling Stones  with Solomon Burke – From 2009, the past masters meet the original purveyor, a terrific version. The band sound very very good – A

6 – Love You Goodbye – One Direction – Another sweet and also big ballad off their fifth, they don’t miss Zayn the way you thought they might – B+

7 – Yesterday – Elvis Presley – Knn deep in On Stage as I traverse Presley in the 70s (or at least half of it), coulda done without the background singers – B+

8 – Ballerina – Long Version – Well, not that lon, adds a minute with a touch more flute – A+

9 – Focus – Ariana Grande – Not bad, I am not cray about her voice, a sorta piclet size Mariah without the chops but with the range – C+

10 – Dead Flowers – Alternate Version – Man, Mick sings this song to a complete standstill. No fake draw but all undertow. Magnificent – A+


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