10 Songs, Tuesday, APril 1st, 2014

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morning rock

morning rock

1. Heart Is  A Drum – Beck – Elegant folk ambient mood music includes the sweetest melody he has written in many years and a mix of string instruments that has some of the airiness of Laurel Canyon in its DNA and the rhythm of life flowing through it  – A

2. The One Thing – Shakira – Echoes all the way back to “Underneath Your Clothes” with its acoustic tunefulness – A

3. Miserable – Tokyo Police Club – Third melodic wonder in a row, TPC have made a simple but it says it pop rocker – B+

4. We Know How To Rock – Jerrod Niemann  – Third song off the new one is not the charm – C

5. Age Of Reason – Black Sabbath – Say what you will, they sound pretty much the same as ever – B

6. The Man Machine – – Kraftwerk – I thought they “cheeseburger” at first – B-

7. These Days – Live – Jackson Browne – Amazingly enough, he was 16 when he wrote it- A

8. The Ambassadors – The Hold Steady – Sounds like it could be in exile from the Beck album – B+

9. Advance The Real – Perfect Pussy – Steamrolled and very very gast – B

10. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor – Man, does this song have a lot to answer for. That two guitar riff where one holds the bottom and the other explodes on top? They invented it here – C+

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