10 Songs: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

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Fidlar while LA bakes

Fidlar while LA bakes

1 – Wake Shake Bake – Fidlar – The popular pop punk band’s ode to intoxicants like Wavves never realized the limitations of being young and dumb. Like the man said, you’re never too old to enjoy dumb entertainment… so enjoy – B+

2 – Genuine – Shinobi Ninja – The problem with Shinobi is it takes one more listen to click than you’d necessarily give it, this shuddering masterpiece took forever to sink in – A

3 – Deja Vu – Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young – I am beyond late for David Crosby, it took me decades to actually hear him properly, indeed so late that I mindlessly missed his solo gigs at City winery in support of the excellent Croz, The thing with Croz is there is always an undertow of fear to his material, as you will discover here – A

4 – Brand New Cadillac – Vince Taylor And His Playboys – Rockabilly which probably missed the hard punch of their live performance – A-

5 – Brand New Cadillac – The Clash – Hard to overestimate this cover, the band sound immense on this rockabilly triumph, Jones solo missed nothing, and Strummer’s full on singing puts him at the top of the rock singer hall of fame – A+

6 – I Get Around Live – The Beach Boys – Sold over a million copies for em and was number one in the nation… they speed it up, the Ramones would approve – A

7 – Rain And Tears – Aphrodites Child – what can you say about a soft rock band from Greece in the early 1970s? The lead singer was Demis Roussos, the keyboard player vabgelis, and where I was, in Lebanon, they were humongous – A+

8 – So Tough – The Slits – Viv wrote it for Sid Vicious: “he is only curious, nothing he does makes any sense, don’t take it serious”  – A

9 – Don’t Worry Baby – Bryan Ferry – Ferry does the song a favor not by the big booming background beat but by taking it away from a car song – A

10 – You Should’ve Gone To School – BC Campbell – Nice bass hook holds it steady – B+


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