10 Songs: Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

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1 – The Bullfighter Dies – Morrissey – Moz, defender of those who can’t defend themselves, and bullpit for causes no one has the power to approach. It is a shame that he doesn’t have a better balance or better songs, this has neither. “Hurray hurray the bullfighter dies and nobody cries…” isn’t gonna cut it – B-

2 – Excuse Me – A$AP Rocky – Rocky in transition with one of many many great hooks on the album, “I gave this shit my all, I ain’t got nothing left to lose” he claims. I believe him.

3 – Have Mercy – Bosie Badazz – Pitch black goth soundtrack,and man, that voice is threatening – B+

4 – Fabled World – Anti-Flag – The song ain’t much, if it was this might turn a few heads for its anti-imperialism honesty – B

5 – Nina – Ed Sheeran – A lesser big ballad – C

6 – By Now – Little Wings – A feel good vibe., pretty and different song. Nice arrangement, love the flutes – A-

7- LSD – A$AP Rocky – This is so big time it is vying in my mind for a top ten of the year – A

8 – Eminence Front – The Who – Their last great moment, if you don’t include “Guatemala” – B+

9 – Handsome – The Vaccines – Lead off track, the single and probably the best on the album – B+

10 – Neal Cassiday Drops Dead – Morrissey – What does Moz have to say about the beatniks? Nothing – C+


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