10 Songs: Wednesday, April 2nd, 2015

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1 – Drive-In Saturday – Morrissey – Changing Jagger into David Johansen is one thing, but not quite hitting the melody is a bigger problem entirely. Assume the live setting isn’t happening except, cmon, when is happening production wise for this cat? – B

2 – Good For A Good Time – Darius Rucker –  Too well played and song to be Bro Country, so why is he trying? – B

3 – El Dorado – Death Cab For Cuties – I was being nice about Ben earlier, but too much of his album is dreary crap like this – C

4 – Inside – Earl Sweatshirt – Echoey, depressive, and a neat pun on roaches – B+

5 – Good Lovin – Ludacris, Miguel – Pretty r&b because that’s what Miguel does, and a rap because that’s what Ludacris does but, hey, keep in my that they are not wagging their dicks in our face, so good – B

6 – Ghosttown – Madonna – It’s not that I missed it at first, but it is that I’ve heard it again since the Tay-Madge performance – A

7 – Hungry For Love – Marching Church – Third song in and the trick is getting old – C+

8 – Let Love Lead – Ringo Starr – Self-help from the man who believes in love at the first sight – B

9 – Bitch, Better Have My Money – Rihanna –  doctored hard beats are always fun, that’s what 808s are for, and the sentiment is mean enough to make you think the seconds have passed… I’ve got it on a  loop and I love the intro, I keep waiting to hear it again  – A-

10 – Touch And Go – Ringo Starr – This is a catchy sweet nothing, nice song – B+



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