10 Songs, wednesday, February 26th, 2014

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Neneh and Robyn -does nobody know how to spell a name?

Neneh and Robyn -does nobody know how to spell a name?

1. Out Of The Black (featuring Robyn) – Neneh Cherry – The least weird song on the album is still pretty weird, a dance number but it sounds like Robyn on a jittery caffeine high but suffering a fit of manic depression and she just can’t shake it until in a wild rhythmic breakdown she pauses and regroups none the better – A

2. Unforgiven – Beck – The midway point on an album that only be considered a disappointment and still a return to form – B+

3. Rattlesnake – St. Vincent – Shakes, rattles and rolls and then gets weord – B+

4. Bourbon In Kentucky – Dierk Bentley – Opening track, not a dog but better is yet to come – B+

5. Collard Greens – Schoolboy  Q and Kendrick Lamar – Two thirds of Black Hippy and you can tell it – B+

6. Kong – The Notwist – How did these guys end up sounding like power pop? – B+

7. Tiny Little World – Mike Gordon – Mike’s problem is he is too damn fancy for his own good, the bass lick is fine and if he would just follow it through to its natural conclusion everything would  work alright but the break is too messy and the song sinks – B-

8. Odio – Romeo Santos – featuring Drake and how likely is that? Less so once you hear it – b

9. It’s My Own fault – Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield, Johnny Winter – Two premiere blues guitarist and a piano man playing the blues back in the day… not bad at all but a little, how you say, white – B+

10. Hold My Hand – The Fray – Imagine if Chris martin lead 3 Doors down – C-

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