10 Songs: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

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Sleeping around with Lana

Sleeping around with Lana

1. Fucked My Way to The Top – Lana Del Rey – There is the famous story where Alfred Hitchcock wanted to make a movie where a huge ship is discovered with everyone on board dead –don’t know how, don’t know why, no marks nothing. He didn’t make the movie because whatever the solution was, it had to be a disappointment. Except for the names and a few of the places, the exact same thing could be said about this song: it couldn’t live up to its title and it doesn’t come close – B+

2. Acting Like That – Jennifer Lopez – I used to be able to read the charts better, but even so I would be shocked if, even with Iggy Azalea rapping, this sucker got any traction – C-

3. . Be Nice To Me – The Front Bottoms – The thing about Brian Sella is he has the sort of voice that would signify some internal, eternal emotional scar tissue if he was reading the fine print on an Itunes disclaimer, sometimes, on the EP this comes from, the words don’t match up well enough. Here they do – A-

4. Drawbar (feat Tom Morello) – Linkin Park – Here’s a novel idea; get one of the best guitarists in the world onto your song and don’t bother using him – C

5. Let’s Go – Tiesto, Icona Pop – This is so 2013 it isn’t even funny – B-

6. Whenever You Come Around – Willie Nelson – He whines and groans at the same time but here he has a song worth doing it to – B+

7. Phantoms Can’t Hang – Deadmau5 – It’s like listening to a game of “Pong” – D

8. Woman Next Door – The Felice brothers – I dismissed the album out of hand yesterday, but this is catchy garage folk – B-

9. Shalala – Ian McLagan and the Bump band – Mod soul sound like from the 1960s Small Faces – B

10. Gentle Tuesday – Primal Scream – From 1987 and they sound like hippies but not in a bad way – B+

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