1997 Radiohead's Show At Irving Plaza Had Some Crazy Guest List

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I have seen a few celebrities at shows, let’s see, Ringo Star was obviously at that super-crowded Paul McCartney in-store at Amoeba, and the incredible quartet Jack Nicholson, Warren Betty, Annette Bening and Eric Clapton were just in front of me at a Bob Dylan concert at the Hollywood bowl, a long time ago…but most of the time I don’t see celebrities, I know they are around, but I am kind of blind.


I have been to a couple Radiohead shows and there probably were a few actors and musicians, but imagine being at this 1997 Irving Plaza one! Fader posted the VIP list on its Tumblr, and it’s quite incredible! About everyone was there, from Madonna to Marilyn Manson, from Brad Pitt to U2, REM, Oasis, Blur, the Beastie Boys, Eddie Vedder, Dave Matthews, even Courtney Love showed up apparently! In fact was there a non-celebrity in the crowd? And according to the numbers in front of the guests' names, well, Marilyn Mason and U2’s entourages were filling half of the place!


It was just after the release of ‘OK Computer’ and we can only imagine the conversation backstage especially because the Gallagher-Coxon-Albarn war was just raging. How you wish you had been there…


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