2012 Live On Stage And Very Well Paid

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Dr Dre score bazillons of bucks from HTC for part ownership of his 'Beats' headphone line.  When you have dudes like Lil Wayne wearing them like a fashion accessory how could they fail?  By the end of the MtV Awards I even wanted a pair.  But that's not 'music' per se.  Wheres the cash you shelled out this year for concerts?  Who walked off with the biggest bag of loot? 

Pollstar’s numbers and those of band managers, the RIAA were used to determine who who the money game for 2012. 
Roger Waters, with The Wall Live tour, came in with $88 million. Elton John got $80 million. U2, which wrapped the 360 Tour, ultimately gathered $78 million, according to Forbes. And rounding out the top five was Britian’s Take That with $69 million.

Hard to believe isn't it?  Wheres Coldplay, wheres Pitbull?

After Take That, there is  Toby Keith, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters and Diddy. That's rough to think that Tob

Want more? Katy Perry, Kenny Chesney, Beyoncé, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jay-Z. Yup, The RHCP earned more than Jay Z.  Red Hot made $39 million and Jay-Z only made $38 million. Also down the list is Adele who scraped in a measly $35 million, tying with Kanye West and Kanye didn't even have a baby.

I found these figures rather surprisingly low. The order of value even more confusing  Who would ever imagine that selling headphones for $110 million bucks. All he had to do was swing a pen around for that wad.  Poor Adele.


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