2017 Staggers Out Of The Starting Gate…

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2016 was a great year for me personally, and I didn’t expect 2017 to be as good, but I also didn’t expect it to be so lousy so fast. I woke up New Year’s Day with the start of a cold and six days later I’ve been stuck at home, unable to work, barely able to write, and wondering how the change in the calendar can be so huge.

2017 has been a desert for new music, new albums, really anything much. It seems to exist om a world where nobody is releasing anything. Ed Sheeran, an exception, dropped two new songs when if he dropped an album he’d have ruled January. There is nothing much else at all. Which begs an answer to the musical question, why did Apple Music bury the sucker?

So, not much going on but here are new singles, the first of the class of 2017:

Little Bubble – Dirty Projector – It took em four years to come up with this? Are you joking me? – C

Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran – His first new release in two years sounds like Billy Bragg goes pop, a piece of autobiography, as Ed mythologized himself as a Bruce on the hill, dreaming of mansions, it’s all a time sleeping through in the past as he wanders past from his exalted position – B-

Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran – The club isn’t the best place to find love, so the bar is where I go, Eddie claims, the ginger superstar playing out an addictive sound for the future. Should do well – C+

Dearly Beloved – Kiesza –  Painful dance track with a high pitched vocal – C-

Rooting For You – London Grammar – Big voiced Hannah Reid goes Americana on this rotten track which has us waiting patiently for it to start and which doesn’t bother starting for four and a half  minutes – C-

Sorrow (featuring Jenny Lewis) – Paul Shaffer And The World’s Most Dangerous Band – Nice horn solo but completely useless product – C

Brand New Day – The Maverick – Sounds exactly like a 60s big blowsy soul song – B-

Name For You – The Shins – This band will change your life? If you can call this living – C-

Feel Me – Tyga, Kanye West – Ugh, Tyga, the most boring guy on the GOOD Music label, irritates beyond reason – C-

Speakerbox – Wiley – Wow, major bummer Wiley. Still the man can sure rap – B+


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