20th Anniversar​y Cash In, The Bodyguard

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Keep those cash registers ringing.  Here’s the latest.  On March 28 there will be a nationwide screening of The Bodyguard. Whitney Houston’s famed screen role.

The 1992 film contained the exhausting song “ I Will Always Love You” and of course must be exploited to its fullest in honor of Houston’s death. 

Fathom Events is presenting this as the 20th anniversary of the film rather than being honest and saying they want a buck off the pop diva’s post mortem .   

This film was about a singer and her stalker (played by Kevin Costner) and was a huge success but if Whitney hadn’t died- I doubt highly there would have been all the hoopla being given for the anniversary of its release. 

This event will take place in only 400 theaters so keep an eye out so you don’t miss the extravaganza.

In case you do miss it Warner Brothers will release "The Bodyguard 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray" on March 27. Special features include Houston's "I Will Always Love You" music video and "Memories of The Bodyguard," a making-of documentary

Keep in mind the soundtrack to this film was a best seller and had tons of overplayed songs such as “I’m Every Woman”, so expect some sort of deluxe package on the soundtrack as well.

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