3oh!3? Oh No!

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I used to be a huge 3oh!3 fan, but I hadn't listened to any of their new stuff since "My First Kiss".  I kind of ignored their updates and didn't bother listening to any of their upcoming tunes because I wasn't a fan of "My First Kiss" at all.  I decided to try their most recent release, "Set You Free". 

Now I know why my subconscious was telling me to not listen to them.  The song really doesn't show off any of their talent at all, if they've any left.  It's not catchy- it's annoying.  The weird vocals in the chorus is nearly unbearable because it's not even singing, more like whining.  It made me just turn it off after a minute or so.  I don't even know what happened.  I had such high hopes for the singing because even though it was never fantastic, I didn't think it'd be this bad.  I hope it's a joke or somebody realizes that they have no right putting out music.

The rapping is the only okay part.  However the lyrics lack any real thought and it feels fake, overdone, and just boring.  It's absolutely nothing special and quite disappointing.  Nowhere near decent, but not as bad as the singing, the weak attempt to create a good and dynamic rap falls flat and is nearly embarrassing.

3oh!3 needs to get a grip.

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