’80s Pop Star Kim Wilde Is Back With ‘Kandy Krush’, Off Her New Album ‘Here Come The Aliens’

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Kim Wilde


If you were alive and listening to music in the ‘80s, you very probably remember Kim Wilde’s catchy anthem ‘Kids in America’… This is the type of tune that stays in your head for decades and as the song was number two on the UK Singles Chart, number one in Finland and South Africa, and charted in the top 10 of many European charts as well as Australia and New Zealand, it basically took over the planet. Since that time, Kim has sold over 10 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide, while winning many European awards.

Kim followed this success with other memorable ’80s hits, including, ‘Chequered Love’, ‘Cambodia’, ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ (number one in the USA), ‘You Came’, ‘Never Trust A Stranger’ and ‘Four Letter Word’… but despite the fact she almost never stopped recording music, her career in the US has been very quiet for a few decades..

She has been living in the U.K., continued to make music, while getting married, raising kids and even starting a gardening career. But Kim is making a return to the U.S. with the release of a new album with an intriguing title: ‘Here Come The Aliens’. She admits to have been somewhat obsessed with aliens since 2009 when she saw some peculiar activity in her backyard. She explained herself, backing up her bold claim by Stephen Hawking’s own conviction: ‘I did see some incredible lights in the sky back in 2009. Of course Steve Hawking believed very much that there are aliens, I think he also suggested we didn’t get in contact with them but I believe they’re trying to get in contact with us.  I saw something I’m sure was extraterrestrial … in the back garden …  I know it sounds crazy but it happened to me. And it’s happened to a lot of people.  If you go on the Internet a lot of people have seen orbs in the sky.’… There are a lot of things on the internet, but I am not going to contradict Kim, she is a believer.

According to the press release, the new album is a selection of excellent and upbeat danceable pop tunes, and we already can listen to a single, ‘Kandy Krush ‘, accompanied by a fun video. No trace of aliens so far though.

The song sounds like a true homage to the 80s pop music, with good old guitar solos and a catchy sweet hook, although there is a true rock spirit in this song… between the repeat of the candy chorus with Kim’s still youthful vocals, the tense beats bring an ambiance of sexy danger, and I am not only talking about Kim’s latex black gloves.

The song was written with her brother Ricky Wilde and ‘Here Come the Aliens’ features 12 tracks:

Pop Don’t Stop
Kandy Krush
Stereo Shot
Yours ‘Til The End
Addicted To You
Different Story
Rock The Paradiso


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