A Band’s Audience And The Live Concert Experience

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It doesn’t happen often but it did happen yesterday at the Tedeschi Trucks Band concert at the Beacon Theatre, the audience irritated me so much that while I was enjoying the show I left anyway. Two big fat slobs on either side of me, playing air guitar, getting down, and hitting me like a pinata. That got me thinking about bands, fans, and live performances.

Adele – Middle aged women regretting their life choices.

Ani Di Franco – Baby dykes ignoring that she is married with children… to a man.

A-Trak – Girls on ecstasy and boys looking to get laid.

Beyonce – Oprah’s old audience.

Conor Oberst:  Girls 2 Women

Dawes – 20 something couples who can’t believe they missed the 70s soft rock explosion.

Drake – White 20 somethings.

Charlie Wilson – Middle class black couples.

Dolly Parton – middle aged couples who vaguely remember “Jolene” but loved her in “9 To 5”

Donovan – 70 year old’s reliving their past.

Ed Sheeran – Girls and their moms.

Foo Fighters – Classic rock fans in an unclassic rock world.

Green Day – 20 to 30 somethings, most without tattoos.

Gucci Mane – Teenage pop fans in over their heads.

Guns N Roses – Affluent 40 somethings and come lately 20 somethings. The women were dressed to kill, the men looked like slobs.

Harry Styles – Females from  ages 15 – 25

Joey Bada$$ – White bridge and tunnels sophomores.

Kendrick Lamar – White hipsters.

Kesha – Homosexual men and women power women -all in their 20s.

Lady Gaga – Gender fluid, plus families with their pre-teen kids

Noel Gallagher – 30 something ex-pats.

Paul McCartney – Cuts right through the demo, but mostly parents and their children and their children’s children.

Phish – Weekend hippies.

Ringo Starr – Beatle fans.

Spice Girls: The one time I saw em in the 90s was the youngest audience EVER, nine year olds and their mommies.

Springsteen On Broadway – Very very rich and besotted Springsteen fans mix.

Ski Mask The Slum God – Teenagers at their first gig -and that’s the performers as well.

Taylor Swift – Mostly Swifties and their moms.

Ted Nugent – Rich trailer trash.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Fat, rude, middle class guys who miss the Allman Brothers

Tiesto – 30 something Italian-Americans fucked up on coke and ready for their first rave.

The Killers – almost rock fans who couldn’t get a ticket to Coldplay.

The Wonder Years – early thirties men on their second job and first girlfriend.

U2 – Nostalgists who are finding it harder and harder to get off.


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