A Bucket List Of Bands I Missed

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Back in ‘the day’ and when I refer to ‘the day’ I mean back in MY day that amazing period of time between say 1980 and 1986 when I pretty much felt like I owed not only my local music scene (which I did) but Boston and New York’s as well. See that’s the cool thing about being 14—you’re clueless sparkled with delusions of grandeur that I carry with me to this day.
In the days (as Iman has reminded me) where you can step out and see the Ramones pretty much every week. Nah, I’d rather watch Happy Days, I’ll catch them next week… was a common mindset. Try that now- you can never ever see the Ramones again and but you can watch the episode when Fonzie breaks his leg.. Any damn time you want. Tough life lesson.

So much music just a train or a hitch away but again at my age there were often roadblocks. Gigs that I couldn’t find the five bucks to pay the door with or bouncers who weren’t going to accommodate my womanly ways (thank you to them I was a mere child-well done!) or I had an exam or my folks had me on radar.. Simply said I wasn’t able to see EVERY band I wanted to. Flash forward 35 years and well.. I still haven’t seen them. For every time I saw the Stray Cats, or PiL, or INXS there are others who either are no longer around or are and are… old. What’s a shallow gal to do?

I learned a tough lesson this week with the touring of the Cure. Too worried to see a jumbo sized frizz coiffed Robert Smith, I bowed out of seeing a band I loved so much and that I still listen to. I let the visual kill my logic. The night of the gig I was literally bitchy knowing I had blown an opportunity to scratch my band bucket list. With Smiths cholesterol level who knows if they’ll ever come ‘round again and let’s face it- they’re dropping like flies,

So here we go, my official, yet undoubtedly, changeable bucket list of bands I must see before I croak or they do.

Kansas (shut up)
Chicago (shut up again)
ELO (Ill hit you)
The Buzzcocks
The Strokes
The Replacements
Big Audio Dynamite
Marshall Crenshaw
Psychedelic Furs
Heaven 17
Salt and Peppa
Siouxie with or without Banshees
The Stranglers

There’s more but you get the jist, simply said don’t look back regretfully. I can always close my eyes if they’ve aged poorly, right? Life is short- go see them while ya can.


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