A Modest Proposal: The 10AM Concert

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In Pete Townsend's bio "Who I Am" he writes about the gradation of concert sets from 15 to 90 minutes. Explains that Eric Clapton started soloing to fill in the huge amount of time and over the early 14960s, the Who went from playing 5 15 minute sets a day to one long evening sets.

The effect was obvious:

1. Sets got worse.

2. Tickets got scarce.

3. Prices went up.

In 1944, Frank Sinatra would begin his weekend Paramount gigs, to rioting bobbysoxers, at 10am Saturday mornings and in 1972, Presley was adding afternoon shows to his MSG roll and now… except for Summerstage (and even they start at 3pm for the most part), you can't find a decent weekend day show anywhere since CGBG's folded and their Hardcore weekend went the way of all flesh.

No, wait, BB Kings has the Gospel on Sunday, Beatles on Saturdays buffets but otherwise… the most musical city in the world goes silent weekend days.

It is time for weekend concerts. Some small pop up place with Mercury Lounge size bands performing three sets a day, Saturday and Sunday 10a, 12p, 2p, separate admission. I can't think of a better idea than getting out of bed Sunday morning and rushing to a concert I really wanna see. Not only does it sound like a potential moneymaker but it also sounds like a fun way to spend the weekend. Plus? Even the last set gets you home by 5pm. 

In the summer you can take it outdoors.

And I myself would be willing to go all the time so how can it miss? 


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