A Ramones Hologram Concert In LA For Christmas?

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The Ramones


Recently, a new Facebook page called Punk 4 Punks showed up in my feed with a new event, ‘The Ramones Hologram in DTLA’ on December 26th… so far I haven’t been able to get any info about the event, but if the event is what it says, I suppose we will have a resurrection of the greatest punk rock band the day after Christmas?

However, I have many questions, will it be a real concert with the holograms of the Ramones? Will it be free or overpriced? Where will it be Downtown LA? I am not the only one interested and asking questions, without any information about the subject, 1.6K  people have already updated their status as ‘interested’ on the page, and many have already started to comment.

Two days ago, Punk 4 Punks posted this : ‘WORKING HARD TO GET THINGS ROLLING! BE PATIENT. THANK YOU!’

But of course, we want to know more and we are not very patient!

So the best scenario is that it’s a free concert featuring holograms of the Ramones on the stage at the bottom of city hall, a sort of Christmas present from the city of Los Angeles, the worst scenario could be some kind of lame overpriced event with disappointing shadows of Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Deedee, but I guess we’ll see soon.

Recently I read an article about Alki David, a Greek billionaire who has decided to bring hologram concerts in Hollywood, since he is completely convinced this is the future of live entertainment. We already have seen holograms of Tupac at Coachella and one of Michael Jackson at 2014 Billboard Music Awards, so why not the Ramones?

Would I go see a hologram concert with the Ramones? Probably, out of pure curiosity… Would I be satisfied? Let’s wait and see but I doubt I will be.


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