A Weekend Of Loss (And A Joyful Good Riddance)

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That was some weekend we had for ourselves, Mel Tells, Malcolm Young, David Cassidy (apparently he is in a coma) all went home, Lil Peep beat them by a coupla days, and Charles Manson, who had his own connections with popular music of course, is rotting in hell if we are lucky enough to have one. So a country superstar stutterer,  a dynamo hard rock guitarist, a teen idol for the ages, a teen idol in waiting,  and a man who if Dennis Wilson had saved him him might have used his messianic skills to other uses.

Start at the bottom, the loathsome Charles Manson responsible for the slaughter of Sharon Tate and her unborn child. The only pity is he made it as far as he did, though he might stand as a man with among the greatest influences on 21st Century USA. 83 years of age, he shoulda died a crib death.

Go back to the top, Mel Tellis is the sort of classical country singers we simply don’t have any more. The reason why we claim country is dead and buried is because we no longer have any Mel Tills’s. Telli left the armed forces and became a Nashville songwriter till he broke through himself, turning his stutter into moment, I don’t even know where you should start. Go with a greatest hits. We are seriously missing these sort of glorious baritones with wonderful songs. It just doesn’t exist any more. Try “Memory Maker” which inches towards countrypolitan with style. All those late 1950s guys were giants. Tillis was 85 years of age.

Lil Peep, the ace of Soundcloud rap and of emo rap died from self-medication at the ridiculous age of 21.

Malcolm Young is the sort of guitarist we don’t have any more either. The AC/DC guitarist was a loud, brash riff merchant behind. Like any rhythm guitarist, he was the driving force on his hard rock machine, and all those songs, all the same more or else, all adrenaline power chords on over drive, all barely sculptured wild control pop momentum.He was 64

Finally, oh no Keith Partridge died! I loved David Cassidy and respected him at least this much: he did what he wanted to, he created a career for himself in the entertainment world and shadowed his father and his step-mother all the way through it. 67 years of age

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  1. Pipevoice

    It’s hard to believe that two of the Partridge’s (David Cassidy and Suzanne Crough) are dead. I always though that Danny Bonaduce would’ve been the first one to go due to his hard life living.


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