A Will Away’s “Here Again” Reviewed

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A Will Away have blown the roof off emo music with their debut LP, Here Again. After nearly a year of anticipation, this long awaiting point in the group’s career is off with a blast and certainly not slowing down anytime soon. For fans, this is a time that they’ve been waiting for for what seems like forever and Here Again certainly made it worth the wait.

After a year and a half of touring in support of their Triple Crown Debut EP, Bliss, The Connecticut rockers are back in action and taking the world by storm with their catchy hooks and lush soundscapes. They’ve been breaking the tropes and overused clichés of genre for years, but with this release they’ve taken their work to the next level and are showing how far they’re willing to take this endeavor.

The group sense of melody and harmony shine bright on tracks like “Pay Raise” and “Into The Light”, with their dynamic vocals and intricate guitar work. There’s also a clear influence from 90s Power Pop giants like Oasis and Gin Blossoms on tracks like “Crochet” and “Better Reluctant” which goes to show their ears for a catchy tune. It is a cohesive work from start to finish with every track having its place and providing its piece to the overarching concept of dealing with the metaphysical side of life. For a debut LP, Here Again is strong enough to keep the listener involved and begging for more.

Here Again, is a solid summer album full of feel good hits backboned by introspectively brushed lyrics dealing with a metaphysical questioning of life itself. This record packs a punch with heavy handed vocals, driving guitars and a pounding back beat, but it also brushes the lush, and calm side of the genre. A Will Away have crafted a signature sound and are showcasing how far they’ve come not only as songwriters, but as visionaries for the future of emo music. The self-proclaimed “80s pop rock on acid” group are out of the gates fast with this release and aren’t wasting anytime in securing their space in the emo revival.

Favorite Track: “Crochet”

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Here Again is available now via Triple Crown Records


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