Abandon All Ships "We'll Be Fine" Cover- Maybe Not

Written by | January 2, 2012 0:05 am | No Comments

Silly, Abandon All Ships…whattaya doin'?!
Here the hardcore band attempts to cover Drake. I would laugh but its almost too funny to be funny. As if its an inside joke and we simply wont get it. A cover is one thing a tarp is another.
Drakes song is a slow and quirky narrative without a real chorus. AAS, decides to make it a screamo All Time Low pop mess. They had an option- hardcore the mother out or pop it up
It sounds ridiculous. The screaming is actually comical with more studio tweaks than the magic microphone. But I love Abandon All Ships and I really really like Drake so IM feeling somewhat angry at this. I could have had it all if they just didn't add in that ridiculous pop chorus. I really wanted to love this to death.
I'm on my third listen and unfortunately its not growing on me at all. Bits of it are but not as a whole thing. I suppose it was just a 'fun in the studio' cover… what a bummer though- it could have been awesome.


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