Academy of Country Music Awards To Honor Dick Clark

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Dick Clark was (in his day- or should I say in his decades) the MC of perfection.  They called him the perpetual teenager and I, for one, can totally relate.  After strokes and age he became a shell of his former self and for some reason America allowed him to be propped up like a taxidermy moose next to Ryan Seacrest each New Years Eve so he could slobber out some indecipherable nonsense. 

guy hosted everyone from Adam Ant to Luther Vandross, his show American Bandstand gave us so many amazing perpetual quotes "it's got a great beat and its easy to dance too'  and watched the de-evolution of American youth.I feel badly for those who's only memory of Dick Clark is that of his later years. His handlers should have never allowed that to happen. Not when there were so many vibrant and wonderful years of enthusiasm and energy. This

The Academy of Country Music will pay tribute to Clark, who passed away last year,  via country hit men George Strait and Garth Brooks, who will perform together for the first time.

Strait said of the performance 'Dick helped make country music accessible to a larger fan base and his efforts will not be forgotten. Garth and I were so grateful when we each received the ACM Artist of the Decade Award, so it's only fitting that we'll be honoring him with this tribute performance.'

Brooks added 'Although there is no award the entertainment industry has that can match the magnitude of the star Dick Clark was, and still is, it is an honor to get to be a part of the Academy's tribute to him. There may be others who have contributed as much to the music industry, but there is definitely no one that contributed more than Dick Clark. He was music's best friend, and a dear friend to me.'

April 7th is the airing date for this extravaganza- check local listings.

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