Air + Style At Exposition Park, Saturday/Sunday March 3rd/4th 2018

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Air + Style festival is one of the kind, it’s Shaun White’s baby and the event combines sports and music, and you could ask yourself? Which ones comes first? After attending its 2018 edition, I would say that skateboarding and snowboarding definitively come first, while the music is somewhat accessory, but still part of the game.

White is an impressive athlete, he is the winner of three-time Olympic gold medals, he holds the record for the most X-Games and most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder, and he also loves music. However, as the soundtrack of these people’s dangerous stunts on concrete and snow, music can only go in two directions, aggressive punk punk-hardcore fueling the dangerous acrobatics of skateboarders or EDM/dance/rap to go with the flow of the snowboarders. And the genres somehow reflects 2 days at Air + Style, during which a series of impressive skateboard competitions with bands playing in the background, and additional stages presenting artists that I imagine are on Shaun White’s current playlists. The festival was a mini FYF fest (it had the same location) but it had plenty of style, and I got a glimpse into the way of life of these daredevils, who are risking to break their neck on concrete for fun, money, fame and instagram followers. Here are a few pics before a full review.

Red Gerard

Cut Copy

Cashmere Cat

Chloe Kim


Birth Defects

Shaun White





The Paranoyds



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