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Easily one of the best hardcore bands of all time is Alesana.  Here's just a few of their incredible tunes.  So excited to see them (for the 7th time!) next week.  The band is on constant repeat!

1.  "Tilting The Hourglass".  It's so heartfelt and true.  You can hear the emotion dripping from both Shawn and Dennis; their passion really makes the song.

2.  "Obsession Is Such An Ugly Word".  It's catchy and fun and a good song to blast when you're angry.

3.  "As You Wish".  An absolutely beautiful song that nearly brought me to tears the first time I heard it.  It's my favourite song of all time of theirs.

4.  "Heavy Hangs The Albatross".  The lyrics are stunning and it's so intricate and every little piece tugs at my heart- I love it.

5.  "Apology".  A totally brilliant song that is completely flawless.

These songs have really stuck out to me as a huge fan of the band.  Each of their songs holds a special place and is fantastic, but these five are truly their best.

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