All American Rejects "Kids In The Streets" Reviewed

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Wow, looks who's back.  All American Rejects are back with their poppy good fun.  Although sporting a weird accent the song is contagious and twittery.

Kids in the Street' , is the new album due out on March 27 but you can here the title single off their sound cloud and its quite delightful.

Fluffy sounding none intrusive fun from a band who gave us the best break up rally cry of the decade "Gives You Hell".  That has to be one of the greatest tunes ever and then poof they were gone,

Tyson Ritter and his leading man looks never really cracked it.  There had to be some sort of stumbling block that halted their rise to fame.  They had the talent- they had the tune but they never followed it up.

"Kids in The Streets" could well be their second chance.  The first tease "Beekeeper" was a bit too Maroon 5ish for me- this latest tune is more promising.  I really like the simplicity and the chorus can be sung loud and clear at their soon to be sold out gigs.

I hope anyway- they deserve more credit then they get.

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