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Noel Gallagher: On September 9th, he is reopening the Manchester Arena after the Ariana Grande attack on May 22nd, the line up is an alty Manchester all stars including the Corteeners, and, er, Rick Astley. I’m sure they’ll improve on that before the month is out. I’ve seen Noel solo a number of times, the last being at the Beacon thirteen months ago (here). I can’t wait to see the setlist for this one…

Kendrick Lamar: Turning Radio City into a guest fest, was terrific when I saw him a coupla Saturday’s ago, with Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and Kevin Hart, Tuesday his special guest was the biggest rapper in the world right this second: Kendrick Lamar. May I add that I wasn’t as crazy about Lamar as the rest of the world last time I saw him, still as far as unannounced special guests go, only Jay Z would have been bigger.

Sexual Assault: Taylor Swift sure got her moneys worth during the Denver court case where (per NYT) “David Mueller, a former radio host who sued her, claiming she falsely accused him of groping her during a backstage photo opportunity in 2013. Ms. Swift countersued for assault and battery.” It was a bravado performance and sexual assault victims have responded well and not just to her decision to give financial help to victims rights charities but also the sheer power of her words. Take a look at this picture of myself and friends visiting from Chicago. Note where I kept my hands.

Spotify And Freedom Of Speech: As Helen Bach wrote earlier today, Spotify’s decision to remove White Supremacist bands from their streaming service is disgraceful. Freedom of speech is by definition freedom of unpopular speech.

Protest Music: Bob Lefsetz, smart on business, lousy on rock criticism, was pathetic on protest music. Just because he hadn’t heard YG’s “Fuck DT” or Brooklyn Vegan’s 100 protest songs leading up to Trump’s inauguration, or Kendrick or Jay Z, or…  doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Business: “Eazy-E’s Widow and Son in Legal Battle Over Ruthless Records Trademark”. No one with money bows out easily till all the money is spent.

The Muppets: After the majorly depressing TV reboot here comes some good news (that will reach New York, I promise): The Muppets have announced a trio of full-length live shows, along with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. The Muppets Take the Bowl will be held at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl, running from September 8 to 10

Now This Is News: LCD Soundsystem’s new single “Tonite” is terrific, “Man, life is finite, but shit, it feels like forever.”

Ownership” In case you weren’t aware, Billboard own Spin and Stereogum now.




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