Amazon Wants To Get Involved In the Music Festival Business

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Amazon wants you to have a better music festival experience… you mean Amazon? The online site which used to sell books? Of course Amazon has grown way beyond literature, but now the famous brand, which sells about everything from juice mixers to the latest trends in fashion and electronic gadgets, is looking to get involved in the music festival business.

According music business world wide, which spotted the job description posted on Amazon jobs, Amazon is looking for a senior program manager in music, ‘Amazon wants to dramatically improve’ your ‘festival experience through our signature focus on innovating on behalf of our customers.’ According to the description of the job offer, the senior manager will ‘have a physical festival presence with on-site food and product delivery, custom tour merchandise for purchase, artist meet and greets, and convenience amenities such as free Wi-Fi, water, charging stations, and restrooms’.

This job is apparently for you if ‘you are passionate about the role of music in our everyday lives, surprising and delighting customers, creating unique and memorable events, and making something out of nothing’. It is still very vague in my mind, but they ask for someone with a 5+ years relevant business experience, so I will pass.

I hadn’t realized that Amazon was already in the music business, with a site selling tickets for big shots like Adele, Billy Joel, Coldplay, Drake, Garth Brooks… so this new job offer is apparently a first step toward more things to come.

I bet you can’t wait for Amazon drones to deliver your slice of pizza while you are stuck in the middle of a large festival crowd. But water? Charging stations? Restrooms? We haven’t waited for Amazon to get all this, last time I attended the FYF fest, all of the above were offered to the festival goers free of charge. So I still can’t figure out exactly what this Amazon senior manager will really improve at a music festival.

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