Amoeba Music To Move From Its Current Location And To Open A Marijuana Dispensary

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It may be the end of an era, but it could have been worst. We have seen so many record stores disappear over the years and it a relief to know that the king of record stores, Amoeba, will not vanish but only move to another location, within blocks of its current spot on 6400 Sunset, according to Variety.

Amoeba Records has stood strong at this location since it opened in 2001, and according to Marc Weinstein, the co-owner of the indie record retailer with Dave Prinz, the famous store also plans to open a marijuana dispensary at the new location.

It is not yet certain where they will end up, as far as we know, three nearby properties are currently being considered within the 20,000 sq. ft. range, and two of them are located on Hollywood Blvd. Furthermore, it is not a small downsize since these new places would represent just a 15% smaller retail space than the current building. The new location will be announced within the next few weeks.

As many other stores, Amoeba is a victim of gentrification and had to sell the ‘property to a holding company associated with GPI Companies in 2015 for a reported $34 million’. GPI, which is also responsible for the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center near Los Angeles International Airport and the Granada Hills Town Center, plans to build a mixed-use tower at Amoeba’s location, a giant complex which will include a ’28-story tower holding 232 residential units and 7,000 square feet of street-level commercial space’ according to Curbed LA… As for the marijuana dispensary, they have already opened one at their other locations in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Obviously this will not please everyone, me included. We get attached to things like that, I saw the grand opening of the building, I attended the first anniversary, and this is the place where I got to attend a free Paul McCartney concert (and so many others), I have dear memories attached to this place! Plus, 15% smaller means less people for the in-stores, and if they still exist, where are we going to line up for them by the way? Less space, more weed, may be some will be happy, but I am still complaining.


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