And Here Is The ‘Pork Morrissey’

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The Pork Morrissey


People can be so nasty with vegans or vegetarians, I don’t understand why it bothers some people so much when I tell them I don’t eat meat. Sure Morrissey irritates a lot of people when he projects his slaughterhouse slide-show during his concerts, but did he deserve this stupid humiliation?

According to NME and DNAinfo, Chicago food vendors Puffs of Doom just named a meat-filled sandwich after Morrissey! That was the most creative protest these idiots could find because they were not happy about Morrissey’s ban on meat during his 2-hour performance at Riot Fest in Chicago. The British singer asked for vendors to stop cooking and selling meat during his set out of ‘respect to Morrissey and his animal rights activism’.

Puffs of Doom co-owner Luke Petillon doesn’t have any issue with Morrissey’s veganism but really disliked ‘the way he tried to push his views down the public’s throats’, he actually compares this to ‘bullying’ small businesses: ‘It bullied these little businesses that are already having a hard time hacking it. What it doesn’t do is actually change anything,’ he declared.

As a vengeance, they named a sandwich filled ‘with bacon ranch mac and cheese and bourbon BBQ pulled pork, layered with three different types of cheese and topped with house made pimento cheese’, the ‘Pork Morrissey’. How insane is this sandwich anyway, bacon, cheese plus meat? It’s a heart attack on a plate. Plus I have checked their website, and they make puff pastries, mostly sweet stuff so why are they complaining about a ban on meat? He didn’t ban eggs as far as I can tell and how 2 hours could make a difference anyway, festival-goers are gonna buy what’s available.

This is the most ridiculous reaction to Morrissey’s advocacy for animal rights I have ever heard. This gives bad press to all meat-eaters, who apparently need to have access to meat 24/7 otherwise they get mad!


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