And Now, CBGB The Movie

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CBGB is in the news every day: Iman was just writing what a bad idea it was to reopen the iconic club at another NYC location, but I wonder what he will think about this new one. They are going to make a movie about it! Simply called ‘CBGB’, the movie, which will be shot in June, be directed by Randal Miller, and be written by Jody Savin, will star Harry Potter’s bad guy Alan Rickman in the role of the famous founder, Hilly Kristal. He is a fine actor and I can see the resemblance, and everything seems perfect with the project as Kristal’s daughter is a co-producer of the film.


But wow they are really re-launching this CBGB thing full time! A new location, a music festival and now a movie, it is difficult not to see an exploitation of the famous name behind all this.


But imagine the cast, since about everyone in the punk-rock-new-wave-hardcore music world has played there, they have to, at least, cast the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie and the Talking Heads!

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