'And She's Not Even Pretty', 45 Pieces By Courtney Love

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In the series, musicians are visual artists too, Courtney Love has a new exhibit in New York. Fred Torres Gallery in Chelsea, presents ‘And She’s Not Even Pretty’, a collection of drawings by Love, which The Village Voice describes as self-portraits, since every single one ‘has a big-eyed blonde in it’, made with colored pencils, ink, pastels and watercolors, and depicting ‘pain, sex, violence and drugs’,… Love’s everyday life, in other words.


There are also celebrities, actually only one: a portrait of her friend Gwyneth Paltrow. No way, are they really friends?


Each piece has texts handwritten all over, and even though this is often very blurry the Village Voice managed to decipher ‘It takes sleeping with a snake like you to rip apart my soul’, ‘Let you bleed all over me’, your typical Love signature, some provocative non-sense-crazy rant, angry for a reason she seems to be the only one to know.


But the piece de résistance is her wedding dress (not for sale), exposed in the back of the gallery, the John Galliano dress she was supposed to wear for her wedding to Edward Norton, which never happened. The dress has been decorated with the cute words ‘NOT MY CUNT ON MY DIME MISTER’, originally written with red lipstick and now embroidered. There are also a veil with many ‘Fuck yes’ on it, and a Disney broken glass slipper?


She did all these 45 pieces last year, and from what is available on line, all of them seem quite tortured, she is crying blood tears and she even doesn’t hesitated to put herself on a cross; her running make-up is all over these sad faces, there are some disturbing sex, but the whole thing looks curiously very pink-girlie despite the horror-story scenes and some of the drama queen titles: ’La Mort de Courtney’, ‘Post Mortem’, ‘You’ll be sad when I jump’,  and ‘And Then She Jumped into the Hudson’.



But as usual, it’s all about her, she is the center piece of her life, and she cannot escape herself.


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