Andre 3000 To Play Jimi Hendrix In An Upcoming Movie

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According to MTV, rapper and actor André 3000, best known for being part of Outkast, will star as Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic about the rock legend. The movie, entitledAll Is By My Side’ and directed by John Ridley (‘Three Kings’, ‘U-Turn’, ‘Red Tails) will document Hendrix’s period when he was in England in 1966-67. He actually was discovered in a New York club by Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards girlfriend Linda Keith, who introduced Hendrix to manager Chas Chandler, who brought Hendrix to London where he recorded his famous debut album, ‘Are You Experienced’.

The shooting of the movie, currently in pre-production, is set to begin in three weeks in Dublin and Wicklow, Ireland.

I am not a fan of biopics, they all turn to be about the same story, but movie producers keep making some, so I suppose one about Jimi Hendrix was unavoidable.

It certainly must be a hard task to accept such a role, and I have no idea about Andre 3000’s acting capabilities, as I have never seen one of his movies. Still according to MTV, he has been taking acting lessons lately, which may or may not be a good sign: isn’t acting in your DNA, and if you need lessons, well, may be you don’t really have the gift to begin with?

But this is what MTV News senior writer Gil Kaufman had to say: ‘Andre has the musical chops, the artistic sensibility and a devotion to his craft that makes me think he wouldn't take on this iconic role without knowing that he had something deep to offer. Plus, as he's proven over and over with his many note-perfect, bulls-eye features on songs since he stopped recording his own albums, when he shoots, he shoots to kill.’

They can make him totally look like Hendrix, I am sure, but we’ll see for the rest.


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