Another Proof She Is The Queen Of Her Universe: Lady Gaga Commissioned A Golden Throne

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So Lady Gaga got some hip problems, she recently got surgery for an inflammatory joint infection in her hip called synovitis, and as a result, she canceled quite a few shows.


However, she doesn’t do anything like you and me, and for her recovery, she commissioned a 24-karat-gold-plated wheelchair! What a joke!


Jewelry designer Ken Borochov, who did some work for Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, designed the chair following Gaga’s commission, as he explained to The Daily Beast:

‘It was a huge undertaking. It was made all over the United States, my assistant had to run around everywhere. I make all of my things here in the US.’ Sure but that does it make it more acceptable?


1.5 ounces of gold were plated onto the chair at a Texas customizing car factory that does hot rods and stuff…. ‘I wanted [the wheelchair] to look like a throne,’ He added.


Of course, he couldn’t reveal the price of the throne, it is a queen’s last worry anyway, …and did we really need another prove that this girl is a complete megalo? First of all, I bet Lady Gaga doesn’t even use the damn thing as this is not even electrically powered, she just pauses in it! And it wasn’t even intended to be operational as Borochov said that ‘the most important thing was supposed to make something extraordinary that is fit for a queen which Gaga is.’


Of course, she has to keep up with her life style, even as a cripple, but this thing is beyond ridiculous. She can’t fill the Staples center anymore, so she is trying another desperate move to bring attention and revive her vanishing career. Sorry little monsters, but there is no other possible explanation for a commissioned golden throne!


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