Arcade Fire Releases ‘Everything Now’, Announces ‘Infinite Content’ Tour

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Arcade Fire at the Ace Hotel in 2015


A new Arcade Fire album is awaited like the return of the Messiah, except that it happens every 3-4 years. So it was about time for another come back, since, after all, ‘Reflektor’ was released already 4 years ago.

So just like this, Arcade Fire dropped a new song, a new video, and announced a new album ‘Everything Now’ out on July 28th , coming with an upcoming ‘Infinite Content’ tour.


But it becomes more and more complicated to follow these Canadians, they like cryptic campaigns – remember the Reflektor one and these chalked black and white patterns inspired by Haitian graffiti that you could find everywhere?

This time it gets weirder with the band’s own website,, redirecting to, and installing an invasive design, opening many windows as if your computer had been hacked. No harm however, it’s just to make you subscribe/preorder the new record/keep you aware of all the tour dates,,, but behind the windows, there is the video for the new song, that you can actually listen on YouTube.

‘Everything Now’, a long one almost lasting for 6 minutes, is a dance floor in the desert, a mix of modernity and primitiveness (with a sort of vooddo chant in the mix and that flute). It’s a very layered track and reminiscent of what Arcade Fire has done in the past, but is it me or I may get easily tired of this cheesy keyboard? I can’t help it but I had a ‘soundtrack-for-a-commercial’ vibe in my head during the whole song and that’s not a very good sign. That said, the song and the album will probably be number one soon.

This is what Win Butler had to say about the new tune on BBC Radio: ‘There’s sort of an everything-nowness to life. I feel like almost every event and everything that happens surrounds you on all sides. It’s trying to capture some of the experiences of being alive now in all its flaws and all its glory.’

The track is produced by Arcade Fire, Steve Mackey (of Pulp), and Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk, which can easily explain the dancing vibe of the song… I read a lot of ABBA references in the comments of YouTube, which makes sense in a way, although I am not sure I like it… The upcoming album, entitled ‘Everything Now’ just like the song, will feature 13 tracks and will be released under a new partnership between the band’s ‘global media and e-commerce platform Everything Now’ and Sony/Columbia.

Watch the video for Arcade Fire’s dancing-queen-in-the-desert new track below:


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