Arcade Fire’s New Album ‘Everything Now’ Is A Boring Disappointment

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The new Arcade Fire ‘Everything Now’ is out and I am afraid the reviews are not very positive, 69/100 on Metacritic? 5.6/10 for Pitchfork? Ouch! Even though a few blogs like NME are still kissing their ass, it’s not a very good score for the Montreal band, which brought so much hope for music back in 2004.

I don’t care much about the message of the album, I don’t even have any desire to go too deep in the lyrics, because I can’t find a song I really like on this album, only bits here and there, but this is not enough and this makes me depressed in a bad way. That ‘Chemistry’ song may be the worst of all, it sounds like a fake cheesy reggae-ska and, do yourself a favor, never listen to it after a song from ‘Funerals’, because you may start crying. This is what Arcade Fire is up to now? I can’t find a good thing to say about the very forgettable ‘Peter Pan’ which occurs just before…

There are plenty of dancefloors, retro dancefloors, ABBA was even mentioned when they released their single a few months ago, but honestly who needed this high-pitch ‘Electric Blue’ disco sang by Regine, or the reworked depressive funk of ‘Good God Damn’, or the uninspired sad dance of ‘Put Your Money On Me’? This song has its brief moments just like the next one ‘We don’t Deserve Love’, but emotion is basically too rare when I listen to the album, and Arcade Fire has always worked because of the emotional load some songs could convey.

There are three tracks called ‘Everything Now’, and two ‘Infinite Content’, may be an allusion to yes, the infinite content going in circle on the internet, as I understand that the themes of the album are infinite consumerism, overwhelming abundance of media and the anxiety that comes with technology, as the band went even through the pain to create a fake news website to promote the album.

‘Signs of Life’ is pure disco ball, but not that inventive, ‘Creature Comfort’ is a painful synth effort, and if they are looking for signs of life, this is exactly what I have been doing while listening to this album, it’s dead despite the omnipresent dance beats, and the social commentary is not going to wake me up, have you seen what’s happening in the lyrics of ‘Creature Comfort’? They suggest that kids who hate themselves want to die while listening to their first record! This could be seen as plain self-serving indulgence, self-martyrdom or painful narcissism. Who do they think they are? Lana Del Rey?

This is not a review, I have only listened to the album a few times, although I am certain my opinion will not change very much, but this is rather a complaint that one beloved band has become such a dull one, the disappointment is deep, the hope is gone, this can’t be a review, there are many more elaborated ones everywhere describing Arcade Fire’s absurd internet campaign that preceded the release of ‘Everything Now’, and detailing the tracks one by one, before diving into its circles of mediocrity.

And we all thought that a world falling apart was good for great art! If the Trump era is not even capable to bring us a good Arcade Fire album, what’s it good for? Truly nothing and nothing matters anymore, we live terrible times when a band who provided my bombastic emotional soundtrack in the early 00s is now recording an album as unexciting as ‘Everything Now’.



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