Are PWR BTTM Back In The Music Game?

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And we all thought it was the end of PWR BTTM’s career? Not so fast… it was announced this morning through Billboard and NME that the pop-punk duo may get another chance after all.

Everyone probably remembers about the series of sexual abuse allegations which suddenly stopped the band’s promising career last month. However, after a disastrous period, which saw the cancellation of everything PWR BTTM, from their record release party to their upcoming tour, soon followed by the removal of their music from every streaming platform that exists, singer-guitarist Ben Hopkins and drummer-singer Liv Bruce have found a new management.

They have been working with Lisa Barbaris, who also represents Cyndi Lauper, and attorney Jeffrey Koenig of Serling Rooks Hunter McKoy & Worob, in order to reclaim their music. Although they have been so far unable to reach an agreement with Polyvinyl, the label which was supposed to release their second album ‘Pageant’,  a spokeperson for the label has declared that Polyviny ‘has no desire to prevent the band from releasing Pageant once an agreement has been reached.’

Lisa Barbaris, who didn’t know PWR BTTM before the series of scandalous events which took place in May, was outraged by the decision of their label as she explained to Billboard: ‘to see Polyvinyl derail and potentially destroy the band’s career in such an impulsive manner is very troubling,’… ‘I’ve never seen a label respond in such an irresponsible way in the 30-plus years I’ve been in the music business.’

Their debut album, ‘Ugly Cherries’, should be available again on the different streaming platforms, as Father/Daughter Records has agreed to transfer the record’s distribution rights to the band, and Barbaris is hoping they can find a similar accord with Polyvinyl.

I am still extremely confused about the whole story, were the accusations entirely true? Were any of these allegations even remotely proven before they were dropped by everything in the music business? And if they were true, why do they get another chance if Ben Hopkins is truly the sex predator he is accused to be? Doesn’t he belong to jail with Bill Cosby if he is one of these serial rapist monsters? However, I don’t see any Hopkins trial anywhere, so what should I conclude? I could say that these allegations are as confusing as the sexual aura the band is giving off… I am not saying they are false but this story is partly ridiculous, and partly a product of the restless and obsessive work of social justice warriors  – just imagine what rock stars could get away with in the 60s and 70s.


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