Australian Artist Paints A 20-Foot Mural of Kanye West Kissing Himself

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Kanye mural by Scott Marsh


Do you remember about this internet meme, this picture showing Kanye West’s head photoshopped on Kim’s body and kissing himself? I It is now immortalized by Australian artist Scott March as a mural! Located on the side of Zigi’s Wine & Cheese Bar in Teggs lane Chippendale in the heart of Sidney (in case you want to visit, you have all the info), this artist is sure to attract the attention on his art with such a masterpiece.

First of all, it’s huge, it is a 20-foot mural, then the theme is very appropriate for the moment, Kanye is constantly in the news and he is always declaring his narcissistic love for himself, what else illustrates more Kanye than Kanye physically consuming his true love? Big and outrageous, it’s perfect for Kanye but the question is, will he appreciate?

In any case, this mural is really impressively good and March is a very talented artist who has also painted this homage to Notorious B.I.G. among other work.

Meanwhile West has launched a pop-up shop in New York City to sell his ‘The Life of Pablo’ collection, making people arrive in hoards at the front so that cops had to shut down the entire block… Back in February, there was a rumor that the rapper was mad at the original photoshopped picture of Kanye kissing himself and that he wanted it to be removed from the internet, but nobody knows for sure if he had seen even it. I am waiting to see his reaction when someone finally tweets him a picture of this mural.


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