Autechre. NTS Sessions. August 24.

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NTS Sessions.
August 24 2018.

Remaining quantities of Autechre NTS Sessions LP and CD formats will be on general release as well as digital services on August 24, 2018.

NTS Sessions was originally aired as part of a month-long residency at NTS Radio through the month of April and featured eight hours of new music across four shows.   

Read Pitchfork interview HERE

“Autechre’s eight-hour NTS Sessions adds another level of the British duo’s legacy. Though it’s created by a computer, it will bring you to another plane of human existence if you let it.” – Pitchfork

“electronic music’s brain-boggle kings”  – Rolling Stone

“an 8-hour collection of brain-liquifying beats, low hz static, and other shredded software sound” – NOISEY

NTS Session 1 now available HERE

Listen now and preorder at

Artwork by the Designers Republic.


NTS Session 1.


NTS Session 2.


NTS Session 3.


NTS Session 4.

1. t1a1

2. bqbqbq

3. debris_funk

4. I3 ctrl

5. carefree counter dronal

6. north spiral

7. gonk steady one

8. four of seven

9. 32a_reflected

1.  elyc9 7hres

2. six of eight (midst)

3. xflood

4. gonk tuf hi

5. dummy casual pt2

6. violvoic

7. sinistrailAB air

8. wetgelis casual interval

9. e0

10.  peal MA

11. 9 chr0

12. turbile epic casual, stpl idle

1. clustro casual

2. splesh

3. tt1pd

4. acid mwan idle

5. fLh

6. glos ceramic

7. g 1 e 1

8. nineFly

9. shimripl air

10. icari

1. frane casual

2. mirrage

3. column thirteen

4. shimripl casual

5. all en

Full Product information.

LP Complete Box Set.
12LP in printed inner sleeves with foil block to each cover. Housed in a two part rigid slipcase wrapped in printed offset stock with foil block to cover. DL card insert

CD Complete Box Set.
8CD in printed inner wallets with foil block to each cover. Housed in a rigid slipcase wrapped in printed offset stock with foil block to cover.

Individual Session LPs. 
3LP in printed inners sleeves in wide spine printed outer sleeve. DL card insert

24bit WAV.  16bit WAV / FLAC.  Mp3. 



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