(un?)Happy World Goth Day!

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World Goth Day? Is there such a thing? Yes, and it is May 22nd according to worldgothday.com. The goth scene will gather ‘to celebrate its own being’ and to show ‘its presence known to the rest of the world’. The bizarre fest is relatively recent and everything started with a day of special programming on BBC 6 in 2009 by UK DJs, DJ Cruel Britannia and martin oldgoth. But what can they do beside playing goth music? What about baking ‘goth day' cakes and generally just had fun with the idea’ as has suggested DJ Cruel Britannia. So is it …

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King's Crossing one of the songs on Elliott Smith's last album From A Basement On The Hill

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A lot has been said about Elliott Smith’s last album, ‘From A Basement On The Hill’, that it was a suicide album, that it was not, that the family had intentionally censored some of the too-obvious-entitled songs, like ‘Suicide machine’ or ‘Abused’, although if you really listen to the lyrics of the songs, you would see it is not about killing yourself at all! The problem I have with most people is that they never go much deeper than the surface and the appearance of things, they take everything at the first degree and never make the effort to understand …

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