Meet The Beastles: A Mash Up of the Beatles And the Beastie Boys

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Meet the Beastles, a band created by dj BC, which is, you have guessed it, a mashup from The Beatles and The Beastie Boys. I knew about Danger Mouse's Grey album, but not about that one! djBC released his album ‘The Beastles’ in 2004, which was removed at the request of Apple Corps, but he did not give up and released ‘Let it Beast’ in 2006. Some songs work more than others, but ‘Ladies Do Love Me’ a mashup from ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘Hey Ladies’, or ‘Tripper Trouble’ with ‘Day Tripper’, ‘Triple Trouble’ and ‘Three Is a Magic Number’ …

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Radiohead's "Supercollider"

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Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’, which are in fact the two tracks from the 12” that was released for Record Store Day, are now available as a thank you note for the fans as the band explained it in an email: