Nugent, Rock And Brain Dead Carcasses

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There is nothing I would want more than for Mr. Rock and Mr. Nugent to have a bullet placed squarely between the eyes and to be photographed flopped over someone’s arm. What a fantastic photo that would be! Lots of blood, maybe some grey matter smeared on the ground

The Clash: New Year’s Day ’77 Reviewed

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I honestly thought I would get a bit melancholy in watching it or bored but just the opposite happened . The mixing of history and music worked so incredibly well that I was actually able to sit still through the entire program- and that is a rarity for someone with the extreme ADD I seem to posses.

3-2-1 Happy New Year!

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In an odd and somewhat disturbing twist I would like to serious it up a bit and thank you for your readership. In a world filled with 40 million blogs and flash its nice to know our followers not only increase but seem to be quite the smarty’s offering positive insight in a troll filled ‘net.

Lil Wayne, Cash Money Prisoner

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The only victim here of course, is the fan but isn’t that the usual? As Wayne bitches about departing his label I cant seem to find any sort of legal actions in his attempt to depart the label that has cut him checks since 1991. So is this reality or ddelusional

Warped Tour 2015: Let The Announcements Begin

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Will I support Warped? Hell yes I will. They need a mom on board but now when I attend it’s with the jaded eye of a skeptic, what will they do next to sour my romanticized version of the event? I can’t even imagine but I have faith in Kevin Lyman and his band of masterminds to not make this Disneyworld