Nugent, Rock And Brain Dead Carcasses

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There is nothing I would want more than for Mr. Rock and Mr. Nugent to have a bullet placed squarely between the eyes and to be photographed flopped over someone’s arm. What a fantastic photo that would be! Lots of blood, maybe some grey matter smeared on the ground

The Clash: New Year’s Day ’77 Reviewed

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I honestly thought I would get a bit melancholy in watching it or bored but just the opposite happened . The mixing of history and music worked so incredibly well that I was actually able to sit still through the entire program- and that is a rarity for someone with the extreme ADD I seem to posses.

3-2-1 Happy New Year!

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In an odd and somewhat disturbing twist I would like to serious it up a bit and thank you for your readership. In a world filled with 40 million blogs and flash its nice to know our followers not only increase but seem to be quite the smarty’s offering positive insight in a troll filled ‘net.

Lil Wayne, Cash Money Prisoner

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The only victim here of course, is the fan but isn’t that the usual? As Wayne bitches about departing his label I cant seem to find any sort of legal actions in his attempt to depart the label that has cut him checks since 1991. So is this reality or ddelusional