Elton Johns Biopic, In The Works

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Lee Hall, whose previous work includes the mega hit Billy Elliot, is the writer of Rocketman and had tons to say to the BBC “I’ve been working on it with Elton for long time. It’s an absolutely huge, crazy technicolor affair,

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon Addiction Admission

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Alternative Press Magazine Music Awards was the stage in which Sykes decided to let us in on his addiction. There is something about winning an award that makes people want to spill their beans. We could have done without this but hey it was all for good purpose I suppose

Steven Tyler, Sticking Up For the Farm Animals

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Massachusetts holds a very special place in my heart. That’s why I was thrilled to learn from my friends at The Humane Society Of The United States about a critical bill that would ban the extreme confinement of animals used for food”

Rob Zombie Cuts Set Short, Proceeds To Gross Us Out

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Thousands of people have paid to see you, made travel arrangements and plans (some more elaborate than others) just to stare at you for a few hours. If you don’t make it- that’s it- refunds are fine but honestly its the effort that it requires that makes it so awful.

Punk Rock Starter Kit, Availabe Via Etsy

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We all want to be punk rockers but where oh where do you start? There is so much to know and what exactly should you wear? Its tricky, you dont want to be mistaken for a biker or a goth, you want to be a legit punk rocker- and I know, youre worried someone will confuse you with bands, Avril? Joan?

How To Get Kicked of Warped Tour (For A Day)

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Word is out that Volumes, a band you’ve never heard of, were booted off the MI date by Kevin Lyman himself. The reasons are vague but it seems that the kids had a wild time at a Walmart. This includes trashing the store and reportedly pissing on it as well, there was also some speak of coke snorting but hey man.. whatevs.

MTV VMA Nominations… Same Ol' Thang

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We at rocknyc should really have our own awards show- we have a wider range and more snarky opinions and if it were my category, it’d be “The Artists Who Pissed Me off The Most”, let me tell ya kids, that’d be one long nomination list.

KISS Las Vegas Residency

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So how perfect is it that these cats are going to be parking their codpieces at that early bird buffet in Las Vegas? Yup, get the O2 tank and Metamucil cuz The Hard Rock Cafe music hall The Joint is keeping the guys for a 9 show residency. Is it a residency if its that limited?

Rock Hall of Fame Stoops to New Lows

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Having been surrounded by memorabilia (and the household goods!) of King Elvis Presley I can tell you that looking at a jumpsuit is really worthless unless the artist is in it. I suppose from a stalker vantage rock swag is interesting but I could really couldn’t care less about Beyonce’s shoes

Television Lite: July 21st- July 25th, 2014

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Bam, we are nearly in the middle of summer and what have you done to celebrate it? Well do something! These are the days you wish for all year of fun sun and kool aid so why the hell are you watching television? No one worth mentioning but in keeping with tradition I wont scrap the whole post this week. LL Cool J.. there ya go.. that’s all.

Blondie Calling it Quits?

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‘By the time we get to beautiful Vancouver, B.C., we will have toured Europe, played Glastonbury and done a number of big festivals in North America. for the rumours of the last tour, we’ve decided we’ll live forever. But Debbie, is older than me and has hinted it could be time. Obviously without her, there is no Blondie.

Randy Blythe of Lamb of God Gives Props To Tommy Ramone

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Yeah its just how we are us crazy humans, once you dead you’re a legend, something to look forward to for all of us I suppose. Randy Blythe took to Instagram to genuflect to the drummer and as much as I dig Blythe, his intellectual blather is starting to irk me

When All Else Fails KISS To The Rescue!

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As for Gene…, “I certainly see him as a brother, although we don’t always agree on how to treat your brother. At the end of the day, I know he will be there for me and me for him.” However, Stanley also had some issues with Simmons at points in KISS’ career

Morrissey's Big 10 Inch

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I woke to find numerous fans selling copies of the disc for upward of $50.00. WHAT?! The fucking thing cost $1.99! And that’s when it hit me, people are the same everywhere. Supply and demand right? Profit from your own good fortune right? To me its no different than fucking your brother- just a sleaze bag primal instinct without any moral compass.

Television Lite; July 14th – July 18th, 2014

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Lil Jon! That’s about it my dears. A guy whose voice sounds so pissed off its terrifying is sitting down on the interview couch this week to intimidate Wendy Williams (who is pretty beast come to think of it). There is also Phish, who should give Fallon a contact high (and maybe you at home as well) with their jam band nonsense

Priscilla Presley Tells Fans To "Calm Down"

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But the king liked the young ones so she scored the gig and despite dumping him she still has control over the dead legends estate and gets that monthly check. To me it should 100% belong to Lisa Marie but hey I’m not a Presley so what should I care.

The Crips, The Bloods and The Juggalos

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Granted the Juggerz wear face paint and adorn themselves in jewelry with a man with a hatchet as its emblem but the majority of them can only heft themselves out of their pickup trucks, to grab another beer. A gang? I Gang of sad if you ask me.

Bret Gurewitz Animal Rights Activist

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“I don’t feel that animals should be kept in zoos. I don’t feel that animals should be kept in inhumane conditions. I feel that every sentient creature has a right to not suffer unnecessarily.”

Jimmy Page Wants To Be Led Zeppelin

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Honest to god why these old timers want to ruin their cool images but hitting the stage again is beyond me. You cannot be the band you were at 20 when you’re 60 but this Peter Pan ideal is hanging tough. Just like ‘super’ models rock bands have a shelf life. I don’t know about you but i don’t want a “Whole Lot of Love” from those guys

Shakira Will Close The World Cup

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The Latin artist will be the last hurrah of the World Cup Soccer Tournament in Brazil on July 13th. The disappointments have been huge this year with both England and America bombing out too early. Shit happens, life goes on but for a few weeks seemed that this was the number one topic at the water cooler.

Lostprophets No More, Introducing No Devotion

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Since the band was done and Watkins ended up in the clink there the question remained… now what? Well it didn’t take long to find out what. Wisely rising up from the diaper mess is a new band called No Devotion. A fresh start so to speak and a band who would be getting zero attention if not for their uncomfortable past.

Chicago's Riot Fest Creates Citizen Unrest

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One resident said the music at last year’s Riot Fest was so loud he had to close his windows. “I don’t want the traffic and the noise and the nasty things that are sold there,” Avery said. “Hold your riot someplace else, and let us Byers residents live in peace and quiet.”

Ian Anderson Speaks, But Not To Us

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If you’re going to do stuff that is sometimes quite heavy and has serious imagery attached to it and conceptually is a bit out of the comfort zone for a lot of people, whether it’s in Latin or in English … you have to make it entertaining.

Holy Ship! On The Water Rave 2015

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The Holy Ship! Cruise is a great opportunity to party it up on the wide open sea this go round there are two tours of duty January 3rd – 5th with a stop at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, and from February 18th – 21st with excursions at Nassau, Bahamas and Coco Cay, Bahamas

Happy 35th Anniversary To The Cars Candy-O!

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The album was outstanding and produced the pop hit “Lets Go” but deeper were the good ones like “It’s All I Can Do”, vocalist Ric Ocasek struck a gangly pose as the leader of shagdoo boys. I ate it with a spoon. Funny side note I hug out with a guy who went to Tufts and had some Bostonian encounters with the guys, cool huh? Two degrees of separatio

Cher Tweets Her Hatred of Sea World

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Oh Cher, you’re so hip. At age 68 shes the slutty grandma we’re glad we don’t have. More surgery’s than a conjoined twin and as delusional as a dementia patient shes up in arms about the park and her tweets are blatheringly endearing.

Keep Your Wits About You, Psycho Fans Run Amuck

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A trip down memory lane will take you to Frank Sinatras ‘bobby soxers’ or the insane screams and swoons for Elvis Presley. Girls (and guys) so caught up in the euphoria of their hero that they complete lose control of their facilities. I have never been transported to that level.

Gene Simmons Golden Shower of Hits

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Look none of us are getting any younger, I get it. And dudes that whole bladder control thing can be a slap in the pride but the fact of the matter is- when did it become ok to piss on the stage? Well GG Alin had no issue but Gene Simmons?

Warped Tour Posts Signs Banning Crowd Surfing, Moshing

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It’s just another example of a few bad apples ruining things for everyone else. I’ve never seen any forms of real dangerous violence at Warped Tour, and I have watched some of the heaviest band throughout the years that I’ve gone. Sure, anyone in the pit is gonna get a bit beat up, but that’s what they’re there for

NIck Cave and His Rockumentary

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The odds of you seeing this film anywhere but Netflix in a few months is slim to none unless you have an art cinema in LA or something. Die hard fans will love it and the rest of us will go..’ wait remember Birthday Party….”

Rick Ross Cancels Show in Fear

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Are ya kiddin me? Can it be that a crowd can harass an artist so well that the show wont go on? Seems that’s exactly what happened with Rick Ross- and its sorta pathetic.

Death At The Fest: Summer 2014

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No one likes an idiot but if you cant control your drug intake or remember to drink water you simply are a jack ass and your great reward is making your parents cry. Then again they raised the idiot so I suppose what comes around goes around, dig?

The Specials Aren't Friends

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There is a sound that comes from the Specials that no other ‘ska’ band can produce. A more scumbag sound filled with Brit slang and cliche’ that sends out the image of working class drudge. Unlike bands like Madness or Selector who often sound up for fun

Another Trib, The Beatles on NBC

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Its VERY difficult to cast something like this- the faces so completely embedded in peoples minds that to have anyone attempt to resemble always come off campy. Of course some shows go the other way and make no effort- which is just as bad.