Chicago's Riot Fest Creates Citizen Unrest

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One resident said the music at last year’s Riot Fest was so loud he had to close his windows. “I don’t want the traffic and the noise and the nasty things that are sold there,” Avery said. “Hold your riot someplace else, and let us Byers residents live in peace and quiet.”

Ian Anderson Speaks, But Not To Us

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If you’re going to do stuff that is sometimes quite heavy and has serious imagery attached to it and conceptually is a bit out of the comfort zone for a lot of people, whether it’s in Latin or in English … you have to make it entertaining.

Holy Ship! On The Water Rave 2015

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The Holy Ship! Cruise is a great opportunity to party it up on the wide open sea this go round there are two tours of duty January 3rd – 5th with a stop at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, and from February 18th – 21st with excursions at Nassau, Bahamas and Coco Cay, Bahamas

Happy 35th Anniversary To The Cars Candy-O!

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The album was outstanding and produced the pop hit “Lets Go” but deeper were the good ones like “It’s All I Can Do”, vocalist Ric Ocasek struck a gangly pose as the leader of shagdoo boys. I ate it with a spoon. Funny side note I hug out with a guy who went to Tufts and had some Bostonian encounters with the guys, cool huh? Two degrees of separatio

Cher Tweets Her Hatred of Sea World

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Oh Cher, you’re so hip. At age 68 shes the slutty grandma we’re glad we don’t have. More surgery’s than a conjoined twin and as delusional as a dementia patient shes up in arms about the park and her tweets are blatheringly endearing.

Keep Your Wits About You, Psycho Fans Run Amuck

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A trip down memory lane will take you to Frank Sinatras ‘bobby soxers’ or the insane screams and swoons for Elvis Presley. Girls (and guys) so caught up in the euphoria of their hero that they complete lose control of their facilities. I have never been transported to that level.

Gene Simmons Golden Shower of Hits

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Look none of us are getting any younger, I get it. And dudes that whole bladder control thing can be a slap in the pride but the fact of the matter is- when did it become ok to piss on the stage? Well GG Alin had no issue but Gene Simmons?

Warped Tour Posts Signs Banning Crowd Surfing, Moshing

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It’s just another example of a few bad apples ruining things for everyone else. I’ve never seen any forms of real dangerous violence at Warped Tour, and I have watched some of the heaviest band throughout the years that I’ve gone. Sure, anyone in the pit is gonna get a bit beat up, but that’s what they’re there for

NIck Cave and His Rockumentary

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The odds of you seeing this film anywhere but Netflix in a few months is slim to none unless you have an art cinema in LA or something. Die hard fans will love it and the rest of us will go..’ wait remember Birthday Party….”

Rick Ross Cancels Show in Fear

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Are ya kiddin me? Can it be that a crowd can harass an artist so well that the show wont go on? Seems that’s exactly what happened with Rick Ross- and its sorta pathetic.

Black Veil Brides New Album, Old Sound

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Very rarely is there such a genuinely kind and easy going person in an industry built on ego. Lets face it a kid with that sort of face could be an arrogant dick- but he is nothing of the sort

Death At The Fest: Summer 2014

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No one likes an idiot but if you cant control your drug intake or remember to drink water you simply are a jack ass and your great reward is making your parents cry. Then again they raised the idiot so I suppose what comes around goes around, dig?

The Specials Aren't Friends

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There is a sound that comes from the Specials that no other ‘ska’ band can produce. A more scumbag sound filled with Brit slang and cliche’ that sends out the image of working class drudge. Unlike bands like Madness or Selector who often sound up for fun

Another Trib, The Beatles on NBC

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Its VERY difficult to cast something like this- the faces so completely embedded in peoples minds that to have anyone attempt to resemble always come off campy. Of course some shows go the other way and make no effort- which is just as bad.

Raising Rednecks, Ted Nugent "Kamp For Kids "

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There are parents who condone his bullshit and actually wait for months to sign their kids up for his summer camp. Pathetic back woods trailer trash neanderthals who sign there kids up for the ‘great outdoors’ ‘camp’ and allow their spawn learn to shoot and hunt

Alice Cooper Launching New Comic Book Series

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Consider this, Alice Cooper is 66 years old. He has been squeezing into the leather to chop off heads and sing creepy songs for so many decades its unreal. He is actually about to tour on the Motley Crue farewell tour- only he isnt even going to say farewell- the dude is unstoppable

Lamb Of Gods Randy Blythe and his Burning Penis

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Look every now and then its a good idea to throw out a post title that will stop you in your tracks. The word penis is funny enough, ‘burning penis’ conjures up the image of odd bacterias and clinic trips. Blythe, the man who just beat the insane Manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic proves he is not only in good spirits but a pretty open guy

Morrissey Mystery… Where Is He?

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We know that band mates Jessie Tobias and Boz Borer have piped in their words on the whole scandal.. but “OI! Wheres Morrissey?” Not a peep. Not a soy sausage, and if you’re like me you’re worried.

Television Lite June 23nd – June 27th, 2014

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Summer is in full swing and you should be outside around a bonfire or something. Instead you’re munching Cheetos from a bag in your underwear with the air conditioner on full blast suffering from insomnia as you worry about your job or some other nonsense.

Morrissey Tour Still Cancelled…

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So I say this. Everyone shut up. No one cares, the tour is cancelled the fire is smoldering and life goes on. Buy the new album when it comes out next month and sit the hell down.

Lou Reed For Sale

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Tacky? Hell yes it is mostly because they “need to be sold”. The good news is it isn’t his teeth or other absurd artifacts as we have seen with other artists- this is guitars, racks and assorted stage gear.

Watain Douse Fans In Pigs Blood and The Crowd Pukes

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Is it just for attention? Is it adrenaline, stupidity, desperation? I guess the theatrics are something I will never understand but what I can tell you with full conviction is if some band threw blood on me, security would be very busy pulling me off the stage as I kicked their asses.

No Apologies, Whats Up With The Rockers Being So Sorry?

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So now Jack White issues this public apology for bad behavior and I cant help but wonder why he is being such a pussy. C’mon already with the apologetic bullshit when we all know it was meant- and that it’s ok to feel as you do. In support of his upcoming release Lazzaretto, he is on a press junket providing an interviewers dream

Jack White, “Alone In My House” On Conan Reviewed

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So The Adams Family has released a new song and performed it on Conan June 11th. Luckily Gomez and Morticia stopped speaking in French long enough to get this twangy tune in the can. It seems Gomez is no longer able to shower and is boycotting the barber, Morticia has been sucking on helium so much it’s hard to recognize her voice any more.

Glen Tilbrook Happy Ending US Tour

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Squeeze was and will always be one of the most memorable bands of the 80s to this day I adore their work and find myself belting out random lyrics at the oddest times. Granted, this tour is not Squeeze but just the blonde guy but still- he was the pipes so you can be sure he’s throwing in some classics and that alone is reason to attend.

Morrissey Postpones Two More Shows

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The rumors are that his ‘medical team’ deemed it necessary. Now lets see, Moz was happy, laughing, giddy and slurring words when we saw him in Boston-was he under the influence of something? I honestly do not think so but what the hell do I know without a urine sample.

Jack White Misses His Youth (and Who Doesn't?)

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On the press junket for his soon to be released album Lazaretto he’s babbling like a brook about just about anything. He got a bit introspective and somewhat melancholy over youth- it’s not as if he’s in the twilight of his days but hey let the man chat

Morrissey, Boston Opera House Saturday June 7, 2013

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Boston you didn’t disappoint. Your notoriously my least favorite city and when the crowd started walking out (for lack of hits) or sitting down or dashing out (during Meat Is Murder) your lack of fandom and lack of manners and couth were showing. But it wasn’t meant for you- it was meant for us.

Television Lite June 9th – June 13th, 2014

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Fall Out Boy is on Ellen. That’s the oddest thing to me. Pop punk old men are sitting on her couch. Im not sure why I find this so striking, they’re not exactly ‘Alternative’ but for some reason I still consider them lesser known.. I have a mental block with them.

Macklemore Is Not an Anti Semite

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Some overly sensitive souls were screaming that the get up was mocking the Jews…are you fucking kidding me? Photos from the concert show Macklemore wearing a black wig and beard and a fake hooked nose. Which we all know screams “Mock a Jew” at the highest level.

Exene Cervanka Punk Rock Goddess

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I wasn’t expecting this kind of response to a comment I made, but it has been a wakeup call and has radically altered my own views as to how I want to live in this world. I always try to do what I think is right. I’ve always been very vocal and opinionated, but this experience with the media has not been positive, nor productive.

Dave Grohl Hosts New HBO Series

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When musicians become actors or worse TV hosts its never a good thing. There seems to be a false sense of glory for rockers- just because they’ve had some success they feel they can act, and model, and host and really now c’mon, stick to your day job.