Can't Get The Led Out, More Led Zeppelin News

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Robert Plant is saying there will be no reunion so there you have it– and thank God. Let the legends remain pristine the last thing we need is to see Plant with a sock in his Depends singin’ “Whole Lotta Love”..ew.

Boston Calling 2014 In A Nutshell

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well it was a pricey event for the caliber of acts but then again it is Boston. With lesser known if not obscure acts on before 3 it gave a nice thrust of humans after 6pm when the population doubled in minutes. That being said the fall line up should do just the same

Courtney Love Won't Go Away

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At age 49 she insists upon tossing herself into media at any opportunity an army of PR professionals could never clear her name- ever. Forever doomed as the psycho chick shes gotten too old for it to be cool. Now she wants to make more music.

Britney Spears In Vegas

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Remember when Brit was a hot mess kicking peoples ass with an umbrella and shaving off all her hair? She brought Southern trailer park to a whole new level when she quite simply flipped out and did so very publicly

Happy Birthday Morrissey! , Love PETA

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Stenciled on the ground outside Manchester UK’s infamous fast food joints is the “Meat Is Still Murder” stamp paying homage to the infamous Smiths tune. Moz, a long time animal activist has promoted PETA at all of his gigs and has just recently offered up the tune “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday’ to the cause.

Morrissey, "Istanbul", Reviewed

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The Mozerians will rejoice as mobs often due but in my effort to remain objective amongst the mayhem I cannot let the lyrics slide. The story is fine- much like any other world issue blather but ugh, c’mon with that last word echo.

Carlos Santana Compares Pitbull To Queen

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It took Pitbull 20 takes on this tune. I’m hoping they’re speaking of the entire track and not just the vocals. I’m sure its pretty tough to sing a song without shouting out locations so that may be the problem.

Joan Jett and Hot Topic Settle Their Dispute

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In an effort to keep their profit up the lingerie lines was designed in hopes that rock and roll sexiness would be their niche’ unfortunately their current client base is about 12, so … yeah… that’s awkward.

Body Count is Back!

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I am not so much concerned with the sound of his voice but the content of his words. When you’re basically living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, can you really hit home lyrically with the hood?

Free Food! Taco Bells Feed The Beat Roster

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“$500 in Taco Bell is a lot of food. I remember from back in the day,” he continued. “We trained ourselves when we first started this band. You can get full at Taco Bell for $2. That’s a lot of meals.”

Warped Tour Stage Assignments!

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Nothing was worse than having the band up first! You then had to figure out where that stage was located and actually get there withing 10 min. Now months ahead of the tour we at least have a jump on things. The holy graile… the stage assignments.

Blaming The Band, Suicide Soundtrack

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While there is no doubt that music impacts peoples moods it is without question that there is a little lever in the brain that’s not flipped on properly if listening to a tune makes you blow your head off.

Ozzy Ale No More

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Think of all the burger joints youve gone to with interesting menu names. The deal there is that they arent known to the star themselves (or their reps) but when the advertising takes off.. a cease and desist mail arrives on your doorstep.

New Kids on the Block Cruise

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There is nothing new about Danny Wahlberg and the gang, and they sure aint kids. New Kids On The Block are not idiots and know that the people who loved them as kids are now full blow adults with cash to spend so ..hollah and grab it.

Electric Zoo Is Back and Safer?

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Increasing the number of plainclothes undercover security officers, placing drug-sniffing dogs at all entrances, and running background checks on all on-site vendors and employees. The latter of those plans being rather… idiotic but hey you do what you can.

I'm Not Cool Enough For iPhone 5s

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So basically iPhone is just a powerful penis. Apple’s page for the commercial also states: “You have the power to create, shape, and share your life. It’s right there in your hand.” Indeed!