Cat In The City, Welcome Yusuf Islam!

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I may not be a fan of Rolling Stone or the Hall of Fame but when someone I actually admire is being recognized, I cant help but feel a bit of excitement. Songs that shaped my youth and adolescence and to this day inspire my actions

Chrissie Hynde Goes Solo With "Stockholm"

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The Pretenders lost 50% of their band to drugs. That’s a heavy cut and while Hynde and drummer Martin Chambers attempted to carry on the dynamic was gone. Void of any sex appeal whatsoever it just didn’t have that thigh tremble anymore and the case was closed.

Black Flag On Tour, Uh Oh

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the band with vocalist Mike Vallely hit the road and actually make it all the way to the East Coast and better than that all the way to Western Connecticut where I intend to be there amongst the upstarts to see whats new from these geezers.

Wine and Dine Cruise, With America

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The Wine and Dine Cruise take you to the Caribbean with the band America. I cannot for the life of my understand what has triggered these music themed cruises other than captive audiences.

New Madness Album In The Works!

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Word has it now that he is back to the drawing board writing new music for dun dun dun.. New Madness! Now my hopes arent that high, I worry that they cant maintain that youthful sound but I can hope, and that’s exactly what I will do.

Gathering of The Vibes, Gathering of The Odd

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Bridgeport Connecticut is one of the sketchiest citys in the state. Boasting loads of crime and blight it also boasts a little park in which all the wannabe hippies can come once a year with their Winnebago’s and get wasted while listening to throw back music.

KISS and Def Leppard, the Spandex and Fiber Tour

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“Pour Some Sugar On Me” will only flare up the diabetes so use caution. The tour skips New York City instead focusing on the ‘burbs and with good reason- the target market here is the kids of the 80’s your gear head greaser and prom queen of days gone by

Paul Stanley of KISS, Sassy Beast

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With so much baggage a bunch of old dudes can not (and should not!) pull it together for a last hurrah. I admire them for this. There is nothing more horrible than old men pretending to be what they were decades earlier.

The Kooks, "Down" Reviewed

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Somehow, somewhere something didn’t align and The Kooks became a nothing. I have always loved their sound, that congested Brit vocal and that poppy yet intellectual sound. They disappeared from my radar and The States weren’t loving them at all.

Gathering Of The Juggalos New Home In Ohio

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The annual gathering of like minded folk has taken place in Missouri for years now but due to recent violence issues and just general repulsion the crew has been shoved out and forced to find new digs. Thanks to Thornville Ohio the show will go on this July.

Adam Lambert & Queen, The Tour

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Adam Lambert, the chiseled winner of the horrific American Idol talent show will be stepping on to the stage front and center with the band Queen. Yes, Lambert has replaced Mercury and the entire world is just wrong now.

New Morrissey Album Is None Of Your Business

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“World Peace is None of Your Business!”, is a fitting title for the king of sass. The current word is that it will release late June or early July. 12 new songs recorded and mastered in France. June cannot come sooner to his followers (me included)

Debbie Harry; God Like Genius

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When you’re the lead singer of a band called Blondie and decades later you’re still on stage- you’re legendary at least. She has maintained her grace and beauty all along the way and despite wear and tear on the vocals

Fearless Records Wont Give Up, Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2

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Fearless Records used to be one of my favorite labels. A stable of pop punk ( a fake genre btw- who dreamed that one up?) pretty boys with angsty love lyrics and a quick tempo. Now they’re as stale as old biscuits with a roster of the same old same and really nothing much to offer to get stoked about.

Priscilla Presley Compares Elvis to Miley Cyrus

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Before you ‘wtf’ this think about it clearly. Its possible their are similarities just in a hillbilly sense but ex wife ‘Cilla hasnt had enough media time lately so shes chosen a great way to get her name in headlines again.