Television Lite: March 3rd – March 7th, 2014

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appears that Craig Ferguson is the winner with Panic! At The Disco. I still cant wrap my arms around the Brenden Urie Panic! There were three other members who added a whole heck of alot of personality. It almost seems as if it shouldn’t be called PATD at all.

And Now… Morrissey News

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Flashback to 2012 when Morrissey was busy puking up blood and cancelling shows. Just a mere 2 years ago I was 100% the man was going to drop dead. Show after show cancellation and doctor warnings of forced retirement fueled the thought.

Stage Dive Assault, Your 15 Minute of Fame Report

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Lol, can’t believe I spent a week in jail for this bogusness considering the ‘victims’ were released from the hospital with no injuries according to a DT. Pff wha ever dude. I gotta mic handed to me and got to help close out a set to one of my favorite bands (letlive).

Pitbull "Wild Wild Love", Reviewed

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Armando is 33 can he sustain this implied Casanova role? Yup. This guy owns his genre. The ugly mans sex god, the hispanic hottie who is so dangerously unattractive it hurts.. and you just wont care.

Bastille , "Earth Song/Common People", Reviewed

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The kiss of conformity being allowing yourself to guest on Saturday Night Live, and I am not sure if that was the right move for them. I tend to think they would have been better off in their quiet nitch. The quest for success has watered down many an act and I fear Bastille will face that fate.

Off! Pathetic Old Men

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“I have absolutely no idea what we would be doing if we weren’t playing music. Strangling squirrels up in Griffith Park? Strangling kids at the beach?” you cant help but want to scream, ‘How about growing up?’

The Exploited’s Wattie Buchan Pops A Valve Live On Stage

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Get well ol’ man there are tons more things to fight and things to say ‘fuck’ about and I am so with you that growing old is not an easy thing but we as a society have to take on sensei approach. Master punks teaching the young-lings, its just what has to be done.

The Moms, "Blow Me" New EP

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We here at rocknyc love The Moms and are forever grateful for drummer Donny Saraceno’s road report on their last tour. There was a great sense of ‘being there’ as we heard of odd sleeping conditions and how much cheese one can buy at a Walmart to feed an entire band

Chicks In The Pit: Females of The Hardcore Scene

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prepackaged sterilized pap for the Starbucks generation but this ‘harder rock’ scene is more than stoned boys in tank tops- it’s now cute girls in thigh highs and everyone is getting lucky because of it.

Ringo Starr Announces All Starr Band Tour

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Would it be safe to say he is the least favored Beatle? I think so, drummers rarely get their props. His All Starr band has been a staple of music, nothing that dynamic nothing that bad just there, almost like a hobby to a formal mega act.

Ron's Out Mike V Is In And Black Flag Needs To Go Away

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No one wants to be a pappy but time offers you no alternative- you grow old. You have three choices with Father Time. Go peacefully, Fight it like a psycho path, or resurrect your punk band and hope your grand kids don’t die of embarrassment.

Basement Off Hiatus… Who?

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Unless you are a 17 year old kid you most likely have no idea who Basement is. In the squeaky clean world of ‘alt rock’ these guys went on hiatus and by doing so boosted their ranks to God like status.

Elvis and Elmo "Monsters Went And Ate My Red Two"

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The tune tells the story of how Cookie Monster eats Costello’s red 2, thus making it impossible for him to count to ten. Set to the tune of “(The Angels Want To Wear My) Red Shoes”, its a perfect pairing for an adorable video.

Barry Gibb ‘Mythology’ Tour 6 Date Run

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The last of the Brothers Gibb or BeeGee’s as they were called is brushing his locks and hitting the road along with his son and niece, daughter of Maurice Gibb. I don’t know about this, first off it is rather funny to have a girl along but at least she can hit the high notes.

"Boston Calling", The Line Up Is Hip As Can Be

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I froze my ass off last year at Boston Calling. I gotta say though despite the temperature it was one of the best outdoor events I have ever attended with a great set up and some fabulous staff. Even Boston’s finest (aside from one donut eating wanker) were amazing

Herb Alpert’s Totem Sculptures Installation in NYC

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In writing this I went back to listen to some of Alpert’s music. First off everything sounds like a 70s game show theme. It is a blast from the past that pretty much drove me insane. Just the pitch alone was like nails on a chalk board. Is this what is considered ‘beautiful music’?

Lemmy Killmister, Killing Him Slowly

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At age 68 most folk should be sitting on a porch but this guy is still drunk and disorderly despite pleas from pros and friends. With a hefty case of diabetes that he basically dismisses as intrusion

Highway Star, How You Rock Out Behind The Wheel

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The interior of a automobile is sanctuary. Despite its many open windows rumor has it no one thinks they can be seen nor heard while in its confines. Connect that seat belt and you’re invisible. Turn on the stereo and you’re in a sold out arena ala Queen and you’re the star.

Some Words Are Stronger Than Others, Madonna's Instagram

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I do understand the historic value of the word “nigger” but if in 2014 we still refer to it as the ‘n word’ we are pathetic. We have allowed a word to have control when we should simply stop equating the atrocity of what we have done to our fellow man with 5 letters in sequence

'We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!' The Documentary Worth Missing

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Twisted Sister is a band whose false sense of importance never failed to amaze me. Even in their ‘hayday’ they were nothing but a joke. Any right minded music fan found no redemption in Dee Snider he was a farce and well talent wise, he made a spectacle but that’s about it.

Take Action Tour 2014 Announces Line Up

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The Take Action tour is an annual spring event that combines doing good with hearing good. The line up is always an interesting mix of harder rock and pop punk. Confusing at times but in our four years of covering it- it has never disappointed.

Linder Sterling, Cooler Than You

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Linder Sterling is a British performance artist who is way cooler than the ‘art’ hags we have here in the states. She has more style more angst and more edgy beauty than anyone in her business. Let’s not even dwell on the fact that she’s pals with Morrissey and has a really cool name