In Praise Of Eddie Cochran

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I wish Mary Magpie would take a step back to the beginning and exert her will upon a musical innocence that, at least as an American, is her birth right.

The Upcoming The Pains Of Being Pure AT Heart Streaming

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There is something a touch one hit wonder-y about the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Luckily the hit, “Young Adult Friction”, is a doozy. So here comes their sophomore effort, Brlong, and on first listen it is the band on steriods. Really pretty good. It drops on March 29th but you can stream it here:

Avril Lavigne Is Streaming At My House

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Goobye Lullabye – Avril Lavigne – I don’t see what the complaints are about. High melody heartbreaker. Better than I thought it would be. Vol 5 – Glee Cast – OK, this aint fun anymore. Abysmal covers of Queen and MJ. Live At Shea Stadium – Billy Joel – Sure, I was there. It was terrific. On the other hand, the souvenir is useless. The Bang Years – Neil Diamond – Early Diamond -You have maybe half of this…. might be worth buying for the other half…  Fuck it, I just bought it The Hills Are Alive – Brooklyn Rundfunk …

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